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Ron Paul – “Elections Are Rigged”


I’ve worked on the assumption … for many, many decades, that whether there’s a Republican or a Democrat president, the people who want to keep the status quo seems to have their finger in the pot and can control things,” he said in the interview.

“They just get so nervous, though, if they have an independent thinker out there — whether it’s Sanders, or Trump or Ron Paul, they’re going to be very desperate to try to change things.”

Paul had nothing but scorn for Trump’s policies: “He’s offering us nothing new, and he’s going backward in many ways.”

He suggested that the 2016 election is “a lot more entertainment than anything else” because none of the candidates “have answers” to modern political problems.

Even so, Paul interprets the success of these outsider candidates as a sign that “more people are discovering that the system is all rigged and voting is just pacification for the voters and it really doesn’t count.”

“I don’t think there’s an easy way out for the establishment or the parties,” he noted, explaining that Democrats and Republicans would both rather risk “further alienation of the people” than allow a candidate to succeed who could shake up the system.


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  1. Ron, if you had had Mr. Trump’s chutzpah you might have had a chance.

  2. How about publishing your Ron Paul rant from years ago. That was some real fun.

  3. “Paul had nothing but scorn for Trump’s policies: “He’s offering us nothing new, and he’s going backward in many ways.”

    If you go back and listen to his old campaign bull shit, he and Trump agree on a lot. Rand Paul’s platform even had more in common. WTF is wrong with these people?

  4. Paul implies rigging is a crime committed by both sides. Maybe so. But I do not remember a single contested election where a Republican won. And don’t try to use ‘Bush stole the election.’ Bush didn’t steal anything. The courts agreed to comply with existing laws. Gore wanted activist judges to change the laws to favor Gore.

  5. I’ll make a deal with you, Judgeroybean. I’ll not “try to use ‘Bush stole the election'” (he didn’t) if you’ll not try to say the Bush-Gore wasn’t a contested election (it was).

  6. @Brad – RP was quite a bit more specific on implementation than DJT has been, largely IMO because RP had so much time inside.

    It has been something I’ve noted for some time (but decided not to bring up – there was nothing to be gained that I could see) that what RP was excoriated and condemned for have gradually moved a bit toward acceptance by both non-neocon conservatives and non-progressive liberals.

  7. Well of course the elections are rigged.
    Why else would the dems support registering illegal immigrants, and voter ID laws?
    Remember the uncounted ballots from servicemen overseas?
    The recent reports of election fraud is only the tip of the iceberg.

    P.S. Hanging chads, my eye.

  8. Uncle Al. That was worthy of bringing up. And in my opinion here’s the deal. I think a lot of us early on we’re thinking as this guy evolves, he’s going to get back to the constitution. And he finally did just that. Trump does not speak well at times. Occasionally Trump has a hard time driving home his point. He’s no damn polished politician to be sure. If you want to see something Freaken impressive go find the video with DJT Jr bitch slapping Stephenosalous on his Sunday show of today. Scary thing is I thing Trumps kids might be better suited to run for office than DJT. Having said that Trumps a black and white concept biz man.

  9. Check it out. I just heard that “Smartmatic Voting Machines”, used in 16 states , are owned by George Soros. Just sayin.’

  10. As Columbo would say, Oh one more thing Sir, Wikileaks tells me that Soros-linked voting machines now used in 16 states, rigged the 2004 Venezuela election, the Smartmatic Brand Sir, but just think about it Sir. But Sir, tell you the truth, I’m confused myself. I don’t even know where Venezuela is, I’ll have to ask the wife when I get home. But think about Sir. Good night Sir. Oh, sorry, just one more thing Sir, do you know who George Soros is?

  11. ‘Democrats and Republicans would both rather risk “further alienation of the people” than allow a candidate to succeed who could shake up the system.’

    BINGO! The real explanation of the #nevertrump faux principled persons.

    THAT is the whole reason Trump rises. They have thrown everything in his pathway and to their chagrin and America’s joy, he not only gets back up, but his popularity spreads and grows.

    I love it! It’s like watching a fast moving prairie fire advancing on the Washington DC elite, establishment, (sorry for the redundancy). No matter what they do to eradicate it, it keeps advancing.

    I can imagine those few congress persons who have a modicum of ethics, which have received continual liberal and traitorous conservative battering, like Gowdy, Chaffetz, Cruz, and a few others, are going crazy cheering for the fire and cutting water hoses where they can.

    Trump HAD to sling the horrible truths of Clinton, especially at the Al Smith Dinner. It was probably the first time many of the people have heard of them, since the damn KGB MEDIA are so apt at covering. If Trump played ‘the nice, polite conservative candidate’ he would have been like McCain and Romney, slinking off to he loser corner.

    The people are sick of the pros! They are in it only for themselves and we know it. I think voter apathy has been replaced by hope. Fingers, toes, eyes and legs will be crossed on Nov. 8, as we vote! Not as worried about rigged voting as I am about what the WH snake and his thugs have planned.

  12. The elections are rigged, the polls are rigged, the media is rigged.

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