Ronald McDonald House to evict families with young children who are unvaccinated – IOTW Report

Ronald McDonald House to evict families with young children who are unvaccinated


The Ronald McDonald House in Vancouver British Columbia allegedly served an eviction notice on unvaccinated children with serious illness including cancer and their parents.

Austin Furgason, from Kelowna, British Columbia, the father of a 4-year-old boy with leukemia who has been undergoing treatment since October, posted the video to Facebook showing a letter from Ronald McDonald House Charities – British Columbia & Yukon that made the announcement of the evictions. A GoFundMe has been set up to help the family with costs.


22 Comments on Ronald McDonald House to evict families with young children who are unvaccinated

  1. So many people have bought this vaccine bullshit hook line and sinker. They are also the kind of people that feel morally superior and love to punish others when they can. Suck it Ronald!

  2. Holy shit.

    Sure, fuck with familes from out of town that don’t WANT to be there, and are only there BECAUSE THEIR CHILD HAS A LIFE THREATENING ILLNESS that can be sudden onset, chronic condition, present with vomiting, diarrhea, hair loss, open sores, depression, fatigue, and all KINDS of fun up to and including sudden, horrible DEATH.

    Sure, use THOSE folks to score your bullshit politcal points off of, you fucking micro tyrants.

    I had a kid that needed NUMEROUS hospitalizations. Let’s just say it didn’t make me FREINDLIER when I was sleeping lightly in chairs when not holding my kids head so he could vomit blood and otherwise do the jobs the nurses weren’t, as well as keeping the wife fed and the bills paid. This was all pre-coof, but if someone came to ME and smugly told me I had to take poision to continue having the privilege, I would have jabbed THEM with something WAY bigger than a needle, and I’d be off to jail while they were off to the morgue.

    Don’t FUCK with people ALREADY on the edge with a sick kid. It won’t end positively for EITHER ONE of you.

    Good God. There’s not going to be enough rope for everyone who’s EARNED it when the hangings finally start…

  3. What the hell is wrong with these organizations that claim they are for the sick and then turn around and stab them in the back? 🤔

    Won’t be sending them another dime and that goes for The Salvation Army too.

    We have a local Community Food Bank that’s gone woke. BUH BYE

  4. They are doing their best to motivate someone like Tim McVeigh to punch back. Then they will use that as pretext for ratcheting up the tyranny.

  5. These kids have far more serious things going on in their young lives that they could do COVID standing on their heads!


  6. Reminds me of a joke I heard a stand up comedian say. I forget who he was. Anyway, he said he was at McDonald’s and they asked if he wanted to contribute to Ronald McDonald’s house. He asked,” How much house does a clown need?” Still makes me laugh

  7. I love the exchange from 2:25 to 2:32

    Supervisor: “So what we’re doing is protecting the safety of everyone in the house…

    Dad: “…no you’re not. A vaccinated person can still get it and transmit it…”

    Supervisor: “…that’s right…what we’re trying to do it reduce the risk to the entire family…”

    So, you have to be vaxxed and she agrees the vaxxed can still get and transmit Covid, while believing the vax reduces risk.

    If “vaccinated” is the gold-standard and equates to “protected,” Why is she still wearing a mask?

    If one wants to say “well…the vax prevents you from getting really sick if you get Covid,” how do you know this?

    Covid is an amazing virus as it only seems to be defeated when you lose your Liberty.

  8. @Anonymous January 12, 2022 at 2:57 pm

    > Then they will use that as pretext for ratcheting up the tyranny.

    What if They ran a false flag? And the crowds all cheered?

  9. Jerry Manderin’s “McShits”
    grayjohn’s “McAsshole”

    I can McBarf just thinking about McShitty McAsshole’s McDonald’s.

  10. There you go Ronald – kick people when they’re already down with your big fat clown shoes.
    Yet another reason never to eat there; besides the food really sucking thing.

  11. I have a family member that has a transplant. This requires her immune system to be suppressed to prevent organ rejection. As part of the protocol, she’s been getting the jab, and then a few weeks later getting tested for antibody level to gauge immunity response.

    None. Zip. Zero immunity. The jab does nothing for her. I’m going to surmise it will do nothing for the kids with cancer.


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