Ronald McDonald House Was One of the Chicago Looters’ Targets


The Ronald McDonald House in the Streeterville neighborhood of Chicago was targeted by looters early Monday morning.

The facility provides housing and resources to families who have a child receiving treatment at a local hospital. The suspected vandals allegedly broke into the facility near Lurie Children’s Hospital while families were sleeping inside, CBS Chicago reported.

Several windows were left smashed, and the front door to the facility had to be boarded up.

Residents had to be placed on lockdown while the mayhem took place outside.

“We’re here for families at all times — whether there’s a pandemic or civil unrest, we need to make sure that we are here allowing families to get the rest they need while they have a child in the hospital seeking care, and so it’s so important that anything that might be going on outside, we maintain our care for families,” said Lisa Mitchell of Ronald McDonald House. more here

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  1. thats the funny thing about mobs. once they get going there is no reason, no logic and no compassion.

    best to shoot them all and let their bodies rot in the streets so as to be a lesson for all would be mobocrats.

  2. Looting a Ronald McDonald house might put a person that is borderline for hell or heaven over the top and punch his ticket for hell.

  3. An add on not in the news:
    And then there is the 5 year old white child who was shot in the head point blank by a 25 year old black guy in NC yesterday.

  4. Put it on the FRONT PAGE of USA Today so that the entire country can see who these looters really are.

  5. What?! The BLM (and media)haven’t pinned this on a false flag, white supremacist gang yet? Hard to believe.

  6. …despite the fact that my son required multiple surgeries before his first year, I never had to personally use a RMcD House, but I spent many an hour in the smoking area (they HAD them then) with parents with severely stricken children from other states, even other countries, who DID. Some went there in the midst of a crisis where their child went by AirCare and they grabbed what they could and followed as fast as they could, others in a more planned fashion…but ALL were focused more on their child than themselves, and generally (pre-Internet) didn’t know the area or have funds for an extended stay or a rental car.

    Enter the Ronald McDonald House.

    These places don’t offer 5 star amenities, but they do offer a warm bed, clean, comfortable rooms, musical and video entertainment consistent with the times, and – most importantly- close proximity to their child at all times.

    Unfortunately, because they are close to hospitals, and the hospitals tend to be in the dense parts of the cities they serve, they can be in some pretty grotty neighborhoods. The one nearest me, despite the hospital being a world-class facility, has the House across the street from a typical urban, eh, “culturally enriched” neighborhood that features both drug and live-fire shooting galleries of the sort that are wildly inaccurate because the guns are held sideways.

    Because of the nature of the place, though, even the normally supine CPD does attempt to defend it, but the locations are also such that they are EXTREMELY vulnerable should the political winds blow the Police away.

    And NO ONE there has guns. Most only have CLOTHES.

    And frequently, mostly, they are young mothers.

    They don’t have much because of how and why they are there, and what they DO have probably won’t satisfy a maurauder.

    So the maurauder may seek a DIFFERENT satisfaction from the encounter…

    …NO ONE should have to put up with this. Please believe I speak from considerable experience when I say dealing with a child in Death’s shadow is pretty much EVERYTHING you can deal with, you REALLY don’t need OTHER peoples’ petty political bullshit even if they’re NOT trying to rob, rape, and murder you.

    But God bless McDonald’s for those facilties. I’m not a fan of The Clown in MOST things, but kudos for THAT.

    …and while I’ve never used a McD’s House,I DID have to use a similar facility in an adult hospital under similar circumstances.

    When my father-in-law died of cardiomyopathy, they recuscitated him in East Tennessee and flew him to a hospital in Knoxville. We got the call in OH so it was a completely unplanned and unexpected trip for 600 miles during Chirstmas season where every hotel was packed. Happily, a nurse heard of our plight with daughters, grandkids, etc., all Christmasing in their shitty waiting room (althoght I HAD lined up a dog-hair filled room at a Red Roof Inn for my mostly allergic family), so she told the cancer center, which had a McDonald’s House analog that wasn’t too busy because of the season, and they gave us free roomS, free laundry, free videos, and only asked we kept the place swept up.

    It was a Godsend, let me tell you, so I DO know how those folks felt at McDs. I was dealing with a pantload of crap from an upset wife, her sister (his daughters), grandkids about to lose their Grandpa, my employer wanting to fire me for taking off all the sudden, etc., and it was REALLY, REALLY nice to have ONE burden taken off my shoulders.

    God Bless those that help others in their hour of need.

    And may God deal harshly with those who harass them.

  7. …off topic, but kind of related, I’ve been pretty whipsawed lately. In the space of 24 hours a dear brother in my Church has died, my wife’s 30 year old cousin and dear friend of my son in CA had a heat stoke, went down in the shower, was found not breathing for an unknown period of time, resucitated by his nurse mother and hospitalized with no EEG activity, and then one of my wife’s aunts died in a nursing home of a stroke, AND THEN her uncle, husband of the deceased aunt has his OWN heart attack (as long-term marrieds often do in my experience), recusitated by his daughter and ALSO hospitalized with no brain activity, and just an hour ago we get a phone call about the young CA man having had his 3rd neuro test done and has been declared “officially” brain dead, so now they’re wanting to unplug him.

    …oh, and all this crap happened while celebrating our 24th anniversary, even though we couldn’t go anywhere because my wife stepped on a landscape nail last week and so can’t walk very much.

    I’ve been laughing a lot in here just because crying sucks, and those are my choices.

    The young man and my wifes uncle still technically live, so any prayer warriors who see this, please pray on those two. Man has given up, but nothing is beyond the Lord…

  8. Ronald MacDonald House is one of the joints I help support. They were there for my Niece and her family and I can’t say enough about them.
    SNS, May God bless you and your family.

  9. Are Shriner’s Hospitals for children next? Can we bring backs stocks in the Public square and humiliation of these bums by throwing rotten vegetables, rotten eggs and piles of dog shit at them. And then tar and and feather them buck naked.

  10. This is what terrorists do, boys and girls.
    Wait till all that Soros and Bezos money goes to bomb-making – like, in car bombs?

    You ain’t seen nothing yet.


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