Ronald Reagan: “If Fascism Ever Comes To America, It Will Come Under Liberalism”! – IOTW Report

Ronald Reagan: “If Fascism Ever Comes To America, It Will Come Under Liberalism”!

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  1. And ‘they’ called him only an actor.

    I hope Trump bowls the liberals over and that his followers are writing, communicating and hounding the DAMN GUTLESS GOP, to either help or get the hell out of the way.

  2. I actually was able to shake President Reagan’s hand once.
    I will never forget that moment.
    We don’t make statesmen like that any more.

  3. All of this is happening because of a few distinct reasons:

    1. We allowed the destruction of God in our lives.
    2. It has always been easier to destroy than to create.
    3. Evil thrives when good men do nothing.

  4. BLM, Antifa, KKK, liberals, Socialists, progressives, Communists, social justice peddlers, democrats, racists, anti-constitutionalists and all the other splinter groups makes me sick and tired.

    Sometimes I let the days events and the inhumanity of society drag me down. It’s good versus evil.

    Luckily my wife was watching re-runs, “Highway to Heaven” with Michael Landon.

    Good will prevail, there will be many casualties.

  5. The very most effective action anyone can take is to pray for all elected and appointed officials in DC on a regular basis. The good ones will be blessed, the evil will have burning coals on their heads.

  6. The american revolution was won by 45% of the colonists. The remainder were 20% loyal to the crown and 35% sat on their hands in neutrality. I’d say there is enough of us these days to take this country back. Lets get started.

  7. Liberalism in this political sense is the very seedbed of tyranny. Liberalism drags the individual into the realm of the Subjective and unseats him from proper boundaries, definitions, and authority. It all sounds “liberating” at first, but the “Question authority” of the Left just a few years ago has wrought a Leftist Orthodoxy that brings severe consequences if you “dare question” it. The Left’s “questioning” of authority is rooted in a desire to be autonomous from any authority, where the Individual has no restraints and can make-up any reality they choose, eg: men can really be women, whites can be black, etc.

    The money shot to all of this: if there is no “authority” and nothing to restrain the Individual in how he governs his life and reality, then neither is there anything to restrain the Individual, or The Group, in their desire to govern yours. You’re left with nothing but The Will to Power. There’s no more basis for Reason itself, for Reason requires a set, defined, agreed upon set of boundaries and truths.

    And Liberals did away with that.

  8. Not only was Ron smart; he was honest. No wonder he is the only President to win 48 or more states TWICE!

  9. @Mickey:

    Have you not noticed President Trump’s ‘statesmanship’ lately?

    Also, thanks for the clip, MJA–it was so nice to hear President Reagan’s voice again!!!

  10. I campaigned for Ronald Reagan like a maniac for his second election. I had the great honor of being invited to the White House twice by staff members for private tours. The Republican Women’s Club of OC, CA was given two sets of tickets for Reagan’s Inauguration and Inaugural Ball and due to my hard work I was invited to go.
    Needless to say it was a great honor and something I am very grateful for.
    I recently showed my framed invitation and tickets to all the events plus the package of
    gifts that are give to those who attend to a group of college students. These young people were more than interested in what I had to say about the election and why I would always vote Conservative. All of those who were old enough to vote said they were voting for Donald Trump. To date I have met four Presidents. Three Republicans and one Democrat.
    I was very polite to the Democrat but he would never have had my vote!

  11. @ OldGal46,

    I voted for Trump, warts and all.
    I believe I have never misunderstood his message as some claim to do.
    He is no Reagan yet he does have a good heart and does make executive decisions with a degree of confidence built from experience.
    He is not a politician in the traditional sense. I am okay with that.
    He definitively is not a perfidious charlatan like his predecessor.
    I believe he will improve because he is driven to achieve results.
    How’s that?

  12. I have a Ronnie vignette. In the early 80’s I was a starving college student walking to my job in Phoenix about 6 in the morning. He came to town for some reason. A series of limos was coming up the street from the airport, it was him. They were driving quickly. He had his window down and waved to me. The streets were pretty much empty, he waved to ME. I felt like a million bucks and it impresses me to this day. The guy was FOR REAL.

  13. Sam Donaldson enjoyed telling everyone what Reagan meant in his speeches.
    That’s about the time I knew the media was left wing.

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