Roseanne Tweets a Great One

Sometimes the best stuff comes from an unlikely source – See inside post

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  1. The kid needs to face the facts. It’s a tough world out there, especially if your family is running an ongoing criminal enterprise.

  2. Well, that’s surprising. Barr has always been a very left progressive piece of crap. You have to wonder how many Dems feel the same way if she post something like this.

  3. why do I get the feeling that ‘El Blivoto’ didn’t bother to read the title of the book before she twatted this out?

  4. Someone shopped this AFTER she sent the tweet…right?

    (TO Anon – Commie-hugging Sarandon…TRUMP?! Are you serious?!?)

  5. You can see the Hubbell family influence in the kid’s mouth and cheeks. For her sake I hope they don’t stay as prominent as they were for good ol grampa Webb.

  6. Yes, Sarandon hates hillary as much as we hate Sarandon. LOL
    Barr is voting for Trump. Sarandon may be voting for Trump just to spite hillary.

  7. Barr makes me sick. She’s a Jew-hater. Good to see her turn against her twin sister like that, though.
    I’d have to see her actual voter ballot to believe it. But I wouldn’t want to get that close to her.

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