Rosenstein Delivers Indictments For 12 Russians – Then Buries in Lock-box of DOJ National Security Division

CTH: If you are old enough to remember the Soviet-era propaganda approximately five years prior to the Polish solidarity movement, you are old enough to have a solid frame of reference for today’s announcement from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Truthfully, I never thought a constitutionally protected U.S. government apparatus would ever be able to pull-off propaganda so easily and readily consumed by an American electorate…. Alas, lesson learned.   So here’s my take:

Setting aside the transparent timing of the declaration today; which is entirely based upon the reality of interlopers within our current government remaining focused on undermining President Trump policy and objectives; and accepting the anti-Russia propaganda narrative is a political weapon intended to elevate the interests of deep state officials and undermine any effort that might be adverse to their interests; a basic question about the indictment evidence is being avoided by all who are reviewing the content therein….

While the DOJ document is full of detailed accusations; which has given the narrative engineers a great deal of fuel; there’s a specific aspect missing.  The entire indictment (full pdf below) is based on the premise of the FBI conducting some -unexplained and unsubstantiated- form of forensic data-analysis to formulate their detailed conclusions.

However, can anyone explain how this FBI forensic data-analysis was possible when the FBI was never allowed access to the DCCC, DNC and Clinton Campaign servers?   MORE HERE

22 Comments on Rosenstein Delivers Indictments For 12 Russians – Then Buries in Lock-box of DOJ National Security Division

  1. Exactly. No, Fing Exactly. And Rod “The Bod” Rosenstein had no “Issues” going along with it. Have they just ventured into treason? The Swamp and the Left are scared shitless Putin is going to hand the goods on Uranium One to DJT. Putin and Russia maybe our only true allies.

  2. Funny thing about this is, a set of other russians are suing buzzfeed for publishing the dossier and smearing them with a crime, and now they say they are vindicated.

    Even funnier is, as this post mentions, that mueller and them never investigated the DNC’s and other’s hardware to see who actually hacked the DNC, etc. So this whole mueller indictment business is complete bullshizzle.

    And looks like buzzfeed is going to be the only one to lose and they’ll lose big. LOL.

  3. They did it cause they know how stupid their regressive voters are and will eat it up for their social media memes.

  4. recognize it for what it is …. they waited until Trump was out of the country & played another ‘russia’ card … notice it was a ‘nefarious’ attack on the dems

    recognize it …. it’s war

  5. Relax, it’s merely a lame attempt to “change the narrative/focus” after the disastrous Strzok Hearing debacle.

  6. Mueller has been to this well before, the Russians showed up and demanded as speedy trial.
    He don’t earn to pretty guut.
    He figured he would try the GRU is time to show how hard they work.
    It would be funny if they all showed up with their Russian attorneys demanding a speedy trial.
    Mueller have to wear jackass ears to court.

  7. None of this makes sense. If Russia was going to get involved with our elections Russia would have backed their treasonous and reliable ally, Hillary. Ideologically Hillary and Putin are soul mates. The Clintons have a record of giving or selling to Russia whatever Russia wants. And best of all, Russia has so much on the Clintons, Russia could blackmail the Clintons forever. Team Clinton pointing fingers at President Trump is pure projection.

  8. “Conservative lawmakers in the House are preparing to impeach Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Politico reported Friday.

    Sources told the publication that conservatives have been preparing to have Rosenstein impeached for weeks over allegations that he’s held up their investigation into FBI agents who some lawmakers say are biased against President Trump.

    House Freedom Caucus leaders Reps. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) and Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) are leading the effort, and the impeachment document could be filed as soon as Monday, according to Politico.

    Ben Williamson, a spokesman for Meadows, declined to rule out if it would be filed next week, Politico reported.”

    Yes, or take the alternate punishment and wrestle Jim Jordan Mr. Finger wagger. Jordan WILL bring the pain.

    Reports are that Lisa Page, well, read for yourself:

    Meadows: Lisa Page is a very credible witness..she’s doing her best to help us find the truth and I think in ways she’snbeen falsely accused of not being willing to cooperate. We’ve learned.. evidence..that would suggest that she’s been willing to help in a spirit of transparency.” – @ChadPergram

  10. The New Ground Zero here in Maryland confirms all the comments above. Within a couple of hours of this latest regurgitation, Thomas V. Miller Jr., known as Mike Miller, the president of the Maryland Senate since January 1987 had a press conference confirming the twelve Russians indited here attacked and hacked the DNC. With mid-terms looming and the almost certain re-election of a Republican governor, he is obviously soiling himself to use the narrative down to the state level. @ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ – “recognize it for what it is …. they waited until Trump was out of the country & played another ‘russia’ card … notice it was a ‘nefarious’ attack on the dems…
    recognize it …. it’s war” spot on!
    And they are scared.

  11. So lemme get this straight, this asshole just spent a year and a half and untold millions of our hard-earned, over-taxed payer dollars just to tell us that the Russians were doing their job?
    Holy shit! Where’s the Tylenol?

  12. Names of 12 Russians indicted:
    1. Hillary Clintonesky
    2: Barrocksky Obamovich
    3. Sally Yateskich
    4. John Brennovansky
    5. Valerick Jarretkich
    6. James Comeyski
    7. Peter Strzoki
    8. Bruce Ohrskoh
    9. McCainzi
    10. Susan Ricekoh
    11. Lisa Pageovich
    12. John Podestinskiah

    – Jordan Rachel

  13. @Snorky1- “…they waited until Trump was out of the country…”

    while the cat is away, the mice will play


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