Rosenstein Departure from DOJ Delayed

CTH: A report from earlier today notes the anticipated departure of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, initially scheduled for mid-March, has been delayed… There’s a brutally obvious reason.

WASHINGTON DC – Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has reached an agreement with Attorney General William Barr to stay on at the Justice Department “a little while longer,” a source familiar with their conversation told Fox News – despite initial plans to step down by now.

Fox News and other outlets previously reported that Rosenstein had planned to step down in mid-March. However, sources close to the deputy attorney general say Rosenstein has not yet given his two weeks notice.

He remains at the DOJ as Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe enters what is widely believed to be its final phases.

DOJ sources confirmed to Fox News that Rosenstein is still the primary liaison between department headquarters and Mueller’s office, even though the recently confirmed Barr has ultimate oversight over the Russia investigation. (read more)

Taking in all of the recent developments, the simple explanation here is that new Attorney General William Barr is not letting Rosenstein exit the DOJ until the DAG cleans up the mess he created by initiating the Robert Mueller special counsel probe. read more

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  1. All this means is he has a longer period of time to hide and or destroy evidence of his role in the Trump Sham investigation. He should NOT have been allowed back in the DOJ building or complex of buildings after Whitaker was appointed acting Attorney general. His office should have locked and his computer phone and all DOJ electronic equipment Confiscated.


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