Rosenstein Out When New AG Sworn In

Fox News –

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is expected to leave his role in the coming weeks once a new attorney general is confirmed, a report published early Wednesday said.

There was no indication he was being forced out of his position by President Donald Trump, but multiple sources told ABC News that Rosenstein always expected to serve about two years. More

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  1. Now if we can just get rid of the rest of GWB’s crooks! Naming names: Mueller, Brennan, Clapper….

  2. They’ve begun playing ads on TV in Commiefornia called “impeach now” or something like that. Steyer even appears in one. They are going all out now to get our President.

  3. Another swamp protector of the establishment elite leaves with the golden umbrella and hired by one of the top law firms to attack the Trump administration.

  4. TBD if Fake News or not; I’m waiting until a government announcement.
    “The leaks are real; the news is fake.”

  5. UPDATE from @OANN: Contrary to earlier reports, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein plans to stay at his position until Special Counsel Robert Mueller submits his final report. #OANN

  6. I could be incorrect, but my understanding is that while employed he is obligated to testify, if requested, under penalty of losing pension and retirement benefits. Once he would retire, that potential penalty is gone, as would he be, nor would he testify, willingly or otherwise.
    “…Rosenstein always expected to serve about two years…”
    I’m thinking a life sentence might be more appropriate.

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