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Rosie’s Heart Just Isn’t In It Anymore

A tweet Wednesday by Rosie O’Donnell shows a real lack of any emotion. This apparently was a bad week for the Rose-ster. She seems listless now, dead inside, beyond caring to rage anymore against her arch nemesis. Sad.
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  1. Racist and Heterophobic!

    ohh, and “a fat Pig”, as someone famous once said.

  2. After she eats a couple of hams, a lamb or two, a dozen chickens, two or three gallons of ice cream, and a side of beef she’ll feel better.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  3. This is what happens when you finally come to the realization that you’ve been wrong for most of yer life! All that time wasted on liberalizm – sigh…

  4. The way they structured this ruling portends well for future rulings from this Court. They are cleaning up what anyone with a functioning brain has recognized as wholesale trampling on and stretching unto unrecognizability of the US Constitution.

  5. I hear that she just snagged the role as Arnold Ziffle in the remake of Green Acres. Great casting, except the original was so much smarter!

  6. Now don’t you go dissing our son Arnold, he’s the smart one in the family. And if you keep it up, we’ll have to send Mr. Haney over to your place to try to sell you or scam you into buying some worthless piece of junk and he’s worse than your President Biden at misrepresenting everything if you can believe that. PS, we’ll also throw in Hank Kimble our govt. county agent to confuse you even more for comic relief.

  7. Impeach Clarence Thomas? What about the other WHITE justices who voted the same as he? You’re a RACIST, Rosie! And by the Way, does she even know what the word means?

  8. I dunno’. I watched that video and all I could think was that she looked like she ate Sean Hannity.

  9. Ohhh boy. Rosie the Rash will be completely comotose when the conservative Supreme justices start looking at eliminating “gay” marriage/unions, trans and other sexually oriented protected class “rights” which are unconstitutional. The old lesbian’s trauma drama will be off the charts.

  10. @Say what? July 1, 2022 at 4:49 pm

    > Rosie, Rosie, Rosie you poor dear. There is a way to end all the pain and suffering.

    It’s the twenty-first century. And, human science still hasn’t built that crane.

    (Apologies to Murderous Mary.)

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