Ross Perot’s New Chart

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  1. Ross was a squirrely little dude, yet a business man, and a good one. He recognized that the US Government was than, is now, the largest employer ever! That is why the career pocket lining POS’s are so crying for impeachment of a business man. One of which they never have been, understood or were. In that sense, seeing voters as being the true ones to say “Your Fired” is the only way to make it happen.

  2. Joe6pak Yeah I noticed, watched it for a while. I heard the NY Giants won over the Texans, but I didn’t see the game. Don’t really give a shit. Good for Justin Rose.

  3. Well I voted for Ross in 1992.
    Unfortunately his candidacy split the Republican vote.
    …And we all know how that turned out.

  4. Snorky1,I wasn’t being disrespectful. I just believe BFH was aware of the tournament because I know him to be a golf fan, as I am. He usually posts a story on meaningful tournament results. I waited for him to say something about today’s tournament but since he didn’t post it right away I posted my comment somewhat tongue in cheek. Justin Rose was not the big story today. I hope you weren’t offended.

  5. Ross Perot did *not* “split” the Republican Vote. GHWB did that. You wanna know where all of this Globalism in the Republican Party comes from. Look no further. Him and his effed up kids.

    Ross should have won. But too many Republican voters just couldn’t see what was happening. But look now. Ross was right about everything. He lost, and Daddy Bush helped create the RepubliDem Uniparty that has been in control.

    I see Trump as Perot’s direct successor. And our only real hope of keeping a representative republic.

  6. Sadly, Admiral James Stockdale, Medal of Honor winner Vietnam, had a terrible debate performance. Very capable man but not ready for the bright lights of TV.

  7. @Fretless, you have researched it and you have got it! The portending childish pissing match that the “2 Party” system is! Nods,

  8. Perot was the first FU candidate for President.
    Never forget the GOP did not want Reagan, but The People did. After Ronald Reagan won the nomination, the GOP forced GHWBush onto his ticket and set us up for decades of corruption and this government that has had no respect for The People.

    I voted for Perot BOTH times. Clinton AND Bush were clearly unworthy. Note well what both did when they were given power. A pox on both their houses for an eternity!

  9. Honkey

    A far left liberal need George Bush chased the conservatives out of the GOP. Had Bush not been a progressive , America hater; Ross would never have been.
    To see how a real America hater denigrates America – DickDuck – “1989 “Kinder Gentler America””. Obama did not embarrass America nearly as much as 2 guys named George did! That does not mean Obama was not bad; but the leftists named George were far worse!

  10. Perot ran as an Independent. (You can look it up.)
    I reckon he got more votes from Conservatives than Democrats. Those votes would likely have gone to Bush.
    I still think he would have been a better President than Bush or *spits* Clinton.

  11. @AnonWITHFYURU – Don’t be offended please, I do share you anonymity with respect. And agree with your prose of the worthlessness of the time, now and then. Looking ahead, almost 30 years later, until these greedy lying jackasses are turned out. Everything that anyone can do needs to be done now. Sincerely

  12. Perot shared one most important trait with Trump, and our best Presidents: Washington, Adams, Eisenhower, and Reagan.

    He loved his country.

  13. Perot ‘split’ the vote, because George H.W. Bush sucked so bad as president. Imagine? – Bush I came on the heels of Ronald Reagan: he inherited everything, and blew it on a hilliaryian scale.

  14. Woods is a tough son of a gun, you’ve got to give him credit. And it’s undeniable, he is good for the game. You know what though, he looked uncomfortable at the end, his back might not be as healed as he needs it to be. Now he has Ryder Cup next week, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him miss it.


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