Rough Rider To Be Given Bum’s Rush From In Front Of NY Museum Of Natural History

Daily Caller

The statue of President Theodore Roosevelt outside the American Museum of Natural History in New York City will officially be removed due to complaints of it being a symbol of racism and colonialism.

The New York City Public Design Commission voted unanimously on Monday to relocate the statue that has stood at the museum steps since 1940 and depicts the 26th President flanked by a Native American and African man. More

22 Comments on Rough Rider To Be Given Bum’s Rush From In Front Of NY Museum Of Natural History

  1. As they say’burn it down tear it down.These morons would be jailed at the very least in all of the countries the praise.

  2. I’ve been almost everywhere, except New York. I could have gone there but I’m not interested in going to a place with that many assholes roaming the streets. There are better places to see all over the United States. I love traveling and seeing new places but New York ain’t one of them.

  3. Gets Shot in the chest and finishes his speech.
    Toughest President Ever!
    And they want to remove him in place of…
    1- The Turnip
    2- Barry
    3- Monica Lewinsky’s Ex-Boyfriend’s Wife


  4. @Hambone

    New York City lives off the labour & production or everyone else in the world and fucks them while they do it.

  5. Making way for another George Floyd bronze statue.
    Poetic justice, a Thug, druggy Criminal representing New York.

    Hey NY, do it the George Floyd way, shove it up your ass.

  6. @cato

    No way a druggie like Saint Floyd Minneapolis didn’t “Blow Domes” for cash to get a fix.

    Def: in urban dictionary

  7. Teddy wants to come back from his grave carrying a big stick and screaming loudly, “Up yours asshole” and wallop the living daylights out of these punks. He’d consider it great sport.

  8. Just move it to another American city – if you can find one – where our History and great leaders are still recognized and valued. The statue and memory are wasted in that abysmal hellhole.

  9. These turkeys wouldn’t wanted to have to have messed with TR, he supposedly could drink a gallon of coffee a day and was known to be very high strung. He could kick their asses with his hands tied behind his back and not break into a sweat. And if they’d thought of calling him four eyes because of his thick eyeglasses, the shit would’ve hit the fan.

  10. It will look better in Oyster Bay….anyways….at HIS place…

    SCREW that ‘museum’…that I live 20 miles from…it USED to be an amazing place to visit…

    Go to the American Wing at the Met instead.

    BTW…that piece was done by one of America’s greatest sculptors…James Earl Fraser.

  11. @Hambone – missed your comments…

    New York State is a beautiful state…it’s New York City that is one of the problems…well any major city is…

    You are welcome anytime…Claudia can vouch. :>)

    The 1000 Islands?

  12. @ Ghost Glover
    I agree! I’ve known some wonderful people from New York State. Great people from Falconer and Olean.

  13. Didn’t he invite Booker T Washington to the white house immediately after becoming president? He pissed some people off by doing it too. We need more men like Teddy Roosevelt.

  14. @Hambone…

    “…I agree! I’ve known some wonderful people from New York State…”

    Paging BFH…get up and accept the award…

    A fellow New Yawker…slow hand clap.

  15. The last time I was in NYC, I gazed in admiration at this incredible statue of one of America’s greatest Presidents. The African Native and the American Indian were placed on either side of Theodore Roosevelt by the sculptor, James Earl Fraser, to signify his close friendship with the natives of these two continents. The uneducable miscreants who were vandalizing Roosevelt’s statue couldn’t fathom his greatness and deserve to live in the toilet they’ve made of T.R.’s birthplace. The cretinous members of the Commission that capitulated to the admirers of George Floyd deserve to get mugged by their ignorant constituents.


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