Rowan Atkinson on Free Speech

This was 2012, and the world has only gotten worse since he made this speech.

The speech is excellent, but I laugh that he invoked Obama as some sort of defender of free speech. It’s his party that is spearheading the snowflake industry that believe words are violence, but physically attacking someone with physical objects is not.

5 Comments on Rowan Atkinson on Free Speech

  1. Spot on, Mr. Bean! Even the quote he used from Obama was spot on.

    Unfortunately, we all know that Obama is a liar and actually meant the opposite of what he said. Still, the words are correct; just the messenger was not.

  2. Obama was for free speech when his opposituon was being trashed. Remember, this asshole called for a ‘civilian security force as powerful and as well funded as our military.’

    Obama was all of the sick dem 2020 candidates rolled into one, but with the secrecy of their fascism.

  3. Atkinson does hold a Masters of Electrical Engineering from Cambridge. Just because he has a marvelous sense of humor does not preclude common sense. Too many with advanced education erroneously believe they are brighter than everyone “beneath” them. That belief is substantiated by the global warming from the sun shining through the back of their heads, effectively frying the common sense nodule

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