Roy Moore Declares He’ll Sue The Wash Post

In an interview with Bret Baier, Judge Roy Moore (R-AL) stated that following a series of stories meant to derail his campaign, The Washington Post will be sued.


A local television station in Alabama was unable to find one person to go on camera stating their belief in The Washington Post story of the judge dating an under-aged girl.

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  1. I am delighted to see someone fighting back. I find these charges against Moore without merit and solely politically motivated. Let’s make the check kiting reporter answer in open court to how she found these 4 women and put those 4 on the stand as well. How is it that the one who claims she was the youngest had so many pastors coming on to her, too? I want names, dates and witnesses.

    I also want a look at bank accounts around the time this story broke.

  2. I never found boys/men my own age interesting. I always dated men 10+ years older. Knowing the deep south in the late 70’s as I do, I doubt there were many unmarried women over 20 in the Gadsden, AL area unless they were divorced with a passel of young ‘uns. Montgomery, maybe. Birmingham, maybe, but small town south you got married right out of high school or got out.

  3. These women were bribed and coerced into bringing these allegations forward that much is clear. I hope they realize their lives will be gone over with excruciating detail and their lives destroyed while those that convinced them to do this are looking for a scalp and will be nowhere to be found when these women look back to them for help.

  4. same old playbook.

    it doesn’t have to be true.

    it just has to be initially reported as true and the retraction never has the impact the original false charge does.

    so in the minds of the democrat voter and talking pundit it remains true forever.

  5. The media is deliberately obscuring that except for the very questionable 14 year old, all the women were over the age of consent.

    McCain committed adultery and divorced the wife who was faithful to him while he was a POW to marry the rich chick. Now he’s dictating what’s acceptable in adult dating.

  6. They’ve thrown up another “victim” today, just as I predicted last Friday…

    Thirdtwin NOVEMBER 10, 2017 AT 8:27 AM

    “Expect to see another “victim” pop up Monday if these four do not get the desired result by then. They want Moore to drop out today, or failing that, they want the spineless GOPe to desert him based on no evidence.”

    Do not fear, Moore is winning this battle. Another accuser popping up after the first ones failed to destroy Moore. Recall how they kept throwing up one accuser after another against Trump last year. They were forced to do that because the smears and lies were not sticking.

  7. When I was in jr high there was a girl who sat behind me who looked mid-20’s. Tall, red hair, stacked and exuding sex. She would brag about how she and her girlfriend would go out to adult events to get older guys.

  8. a non a moose,

    same here but I was 16 at the time the girl-woman was in my business class. She was tall, dark haired built like Mae West and we all questioned among ourselves that she had to be in her 20s.

  9. I was told by an anonymous source that Sue McConnell is a love child that Mitch McConnell had with a former teenage office assistant.

  10. These pissant establishment rinos are showing more backbone against Judge Moore than they ever did against the dhimmicrats. I’m done with rinos.

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