Roy Moore Slams Doug Jones on Amnesty

Breitbart: Judge Roy Moore, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Alabama, attacked his pro-amnesty Democrat opponent over his immigration stances Tuesday.

“The Mexico First policies of Doug Jones are straight from the pit of the failed Obama Administration and have no place in Alabama and certainly not the vacated seat of Jeff Sessions,” Moore Campaign chairman, Bill Armistead said in a statement that also emphasized Moore’s opposition to an amnesty of any kind for illegal aliens.

The Moore campaign’s rhetorical flourish contrasts Jones’ typical Democrat pro-mass migration politics with the “America First” priorities of President Donald Trump.

Running in deep-red Alabama, Jones, a former United States Attorney, does not include any mention of immigration on his campaign website, part of a wider effort to downplay his consistently liberal policy record. In interviews, however, he has consistently supported a so-called “DREAM act” – a codification and expansion of President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) amnesty. In its most far-reaching form, a DREAM Act could allow amnesty for over three million illegals. read more

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  1. The topic could be:
    Judge Moore trashes his opponent stance on _________________ [fill in the blank
    This guy was hand picked to have every view that is anathema to Alabamians.
    With Judge Moore knocked out of the race by innuendo and false claims, they would have to for this loser.

  2. Dammit, Moore – quit bringing up substantive issues in this race. That’s just unfair to Jones.

  3. You night enjoy this I saw today – a concerted public push back from Roy’s supporters with a couple of bitch slaps at the media thrown in.

    A paraphrased snapshot:
    “We’re going to do the media’s job here. Here is the easily found history of the accuser and people who actually worked where she said the offense happened saying it can’t be true because…” You’ll see why. It’s about the physical layout not matching the story and the impossibility of her working there and having contact with him.

    For a good grin, the last speaker says he’s not taking questions. Why not? “Because I don’t want to. I’ll answer questions later, you want to turn this into a Jerry Springer Show and I’m not going to let that happen. Bye” and walks off with all the other speakers.”

    Not verbatim, but pretty much it. Yeah, I’m going to claim how busy I am to cover my laziness in the quotation department. 🙂

  4. I don’t believe her. Too convenient, Moore has been on the left’s radar for years and this just now comes up? Way to convenient. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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  6. I think he’llI think he’ll win bigly.

    It’s that kind of woke-ness, as those youngsters like to say, that’s happening these days. The media is chewing it’s own leg now with every obvious slant they throw being seen for what it is.

    Will they learn, straighten up and fly right? They would have to realize themselves in a third person view then change into different people for that to happen. Don’t care what the odds Vegas would give that, but I’m betting on “not happening”.

    So how long does this game of the media making the propagandized narrative effort, and denying they are doing that, play out before something external happens to end it?

    The media is being exposed because they can’t control everything the public hears.. The truth will out as long as it isn’t censored. That’s why all the little guys having an ability to be a local, on-the-spot, even live news service that can’t be beat are so important to have. All of them, of course including Fur, are the line that’s defeating them.

    The lefty-run things like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter do everything they can to silence those voices and views. Actually, they’re silencing truth and reality. Pretty evil in my opinion.

    Insert Drinking with Bob’s “What’s next? What’s next? What’s next? “

  7. Strike the second “think” from the first sentence. I need a proof reader I can depend on. What’s the going rate?

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