Roy Moore Story Unraveling? One Accuser Worked For Hillary, Another Claims Several Pastors Made Sexual Advances

Update from Bubba’s Brother:

Sparta Report



We have confirmation that Donna Wesson Smalley, a self-described friend of Democrat Senate Candidate Doug Jones, is in fact her sister.

Donna Wesson Smalley is a divorce and family law attorney in Jasper, Alabama. Her Facebook page says Doug Jones is her “dear friend,” and has several posts that indicate support for Jones and a desire to “stop” Roy Moore.

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Zero Hedge:

[…] Purportedly Moore’s main accuser Leigh Corfman has had three divorces, filed for bankruptcy three times, and has been charged with multiple misdemeanors.

Posts on Moore’s FB page indicate that Corfman, has claimed several pastors at various churches made sexual advances at her.

Even the WaPo reporter is shady;

[…] The WaPo reporter who penned the article wrote fake check, according to a 2011 Red State report.

Ms. McCrummen has a rather interesting criminal history herself, as public criminal records in multiple states stretching across 4 time zones have shown.


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37 Comments on Roy Moore Story Unraveling? One Accuser Worked For Hillary, Another Claims Several Pastors Made Sexual Advances

  1. It’s impossible to say the right thing any more. Lies are believed and the truth is always questioned. It depends on who’s listening and who’s saying. It appears that the RINOs don’t want Judge Moore more than the democrats. I’m just disgusted with Hannity and Ingraham with their pre interview comments. Back in 1977 young girls dressed and pretended to be older. The cunts still do.

  2. I’m with ya Moe Tom – Moore went to West Point and if I remember correctly, the rules at that time were that you had to complete 6 years in the service after finishing. Moore also attended law school somewhere in that time frame of his late 20’s / early 30’s to be a district attorney in his mid 30’s. I’m sure he would be quite a catch in rural AL.

    And you have to remember this is rural AL in 1980 or so. Many if not most girls that didn’t attend college were married by the time they were 20 or so (or younger – and it is very common even today). The ones that weren’t married by then and living in a small town were likely not the most morally upright women (or maybe just not very attractive). There were probably very few attractive young ladies that had decent morals in the local “dating pool” because most were either married or off at college.

    While I’m not insinuating that he had anything to do with any of these women, for a successful, single, moral, relatively young man in that situation, I can readily see where a pretty girl around 18 wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibilities to consider taking out to dinner or such. It just wouldn’t be that unusual or viewed as being suspect for the time and place. Plus, the girls may have lied themselves and said they were a little older so he would take them out thinking they were in their early 20’s.

    I also notice that NONE of the women even claim that Moore really did anything against their will including anything that would even seriously be considered “sexual harassment” in today’s supercharged world of accusations of it. By today’s standards, even if Moore had done everything he is accused of, he is the most harmless and least successful “sexual harasser” that has ever existed.

    That along with the immediacy of so many “republican” senators releasing obviously prepared statements along with a predetermined plan to run Luther Strange as a write-in candidate leaves me with absolutely no doubt that Moore is suffering a planned political assassination based on completely fabricated charges.

  3. Here’s an interesting bit of info from ‘Linked In” on one of the accuser’s sister (the one that interpreted sign language for Hillary’s campaign).

    University of Alabama
    Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs, 2.8
    1973 – 1975

    When I went to law school, it was all about studying and learning to do research, so that I could hone my skills as an advocate for progressive causes.

    This is from this local AL site in the comments section where this same person (a lawyer) posted a lame excuse for her sister around midnight last night.

    By my lights, this story fell apart as soon as it was published.

  4. As a pastor and counselor I was (but since I look like Uncle Fester now) always aware of (just like VP Pence) of being in a compromising position where I could be accused of the Louis CK move.

    It meant being rude occasionally (never being alone in a room without a window, or in a car, or at a restaurant with a woman not my wife) and always watching my 6 (always).

    But the reality is if people want to smear and sling they will and it becomes your word against theirs and there really is no good answer to “When did you stop beating your wife?”

    It would not be uncommon for a man in Judge Moore’s shoes to have been a little socially backward (think of Sheldon from Big Bang”) with his experiences, West Point, Army, Law School (before diversity) to have focused on achievement and be just a little socially backward.

    I thank God for men like the Judge who are willing to serve and lead in our Country.

  5. I didn’t see his interview that bad. Hell the guy is trying to remember who he dated almost 40 years ago. Could some of those girls he thought were 20 years old really 16 or 17?
    Girls never lie about their age?
    He’s trying to defend himself over something that supposedly happened forever ago.

    If I was a sorry piece of shit I could go find 4 women to claim any man did something to them years ago. That’s the screwed up world we live in today, you can ruin a man’s life by making accusations.

    As a woman who knows how girls and women lie, I rarely take a woman’s word as gospel. Sorry guys it’s true, a large percentage of women are liars and many of them do it for the attention.

  6. I heard him on Hannity, how did he cut his own throat? Asking what a man or woman did 40 years ago is insanity. I can’t tell you what I did yesterday at any given time. WTH! Just the fact that the women accusing the Judge and works for Democr4ats is proof enough for me they are false accusers. *unts.

  7. The GOPe wants a write-in campign for Luther Strange? I guess elections don’t count unless their candidate wins. It figures Senator Lisa Murkowski joined in the pile on. This write-in should have been kicked to the curb for doing it.
    Alabama isn’t Alaska.

    The GOPe scumbags would rather lose the seat than have Moore win. Past time to primary all of them.

  8. Goldenfoxx

    He gave three different answers to the same question. “Not with out a mother’s permission “ was a really stupid thing to say. None of that interview was the i”Hell No” required.

  9. 34 year old accusations. From pink-Pussyhat “members of The Resistance”.
    Polls show Alabama voters aren’t falling for it.

    No sex, no assault (these women were past legal age of consent anyway).
    A well behaved West Point single lawyer, 30, unmarried, a “catch”, dates a girl, takes her to nice dinners and the local Country Club, they kiss a couple times, and that’s it?
    Oh, the horror. PTSD. Suicide prevention hoyline calls.
    “And then… he opened the car door for me. And then…he gave me flowers. And then…he kissed me goodnight on my doorstep”.

    This may backfire. To most women he sounds like a perfect gent. And a “dream date”.

  10. Advice from Vox Day (paraphrased): Don’t go on media outlets…they hold all the cards and you can’t ‘win.’ You will be shown in the worst light, and will exacerbate the situation. There are few that can turn the interview into a net positive, or just break even; they are few…like hen’s teeth few. Just say “NO!” to interviews.

  11. richwill66

    Agreed, but not the point. Had Moore taken a lesson out of the Trump play book and just called Bull Shit, instead of trying to get into specific times he might have dated someone underage, it wouldn’t give RINO pieces of crap like Lee a chance to grandstand.

  12. I could care less what people like Lee say, I already heard it all when Trump was running. I think people forget how many stood up to grandstand over his violent rhetoric, his violent supporters, his treatment of women because he said “grab them by the pussy,” him saying curse words and him saying he could shoot someone(doesn’t matter that they cut out the rest of what he said that time).

    Screw all of them, it’s total and utter bullshit and speaks more about the people who immediately come out condemning a man over accusations. Nothing he says will matter, anything and everything he says will be twisted.

    Shit like this is why regular people won’t run for office and it’s why we get and keep so many dirt bags. They will make shit up that will ruin a person’s reputation and heaven forbid if in first grade you punched a kid and took his candy.

    I heard a person from Alabama say they don’t care if they have a recording of him streaking down main street shaking his prick at women 40 years ago. The Sonofabitch running against him wants to snip babies spinal cords and rip them apart today not 40 years ago.

    If he needs to take a page out of Trump’s playbook it is to say the scum in D.C. doesn’t want him there and that includes Republicans because they’re the uniparty.

  13. One of my longest running girlfriends lied about her age when we got together. And her mother and father knew, and were letting her go out with me. I was 18 or 19, and she lied, telling me she was 16…..which already had me horrified, until I found out at her birthday that she had really been 15.

    My own father became acquainted with my mother when she was staying with her sister, who’s preacher husband was my father’s best friend. The sister, my aunt, had married at age 14 with the preacher. They were together until death. My father, 29, was reluctant to get involved with my mother, because she was 15. He returned to his parent’s home for 9 months, thought about it, and then came back to Oregon to see my mother. They ended up in a storybook marriage, which lasted until his death 12 years later. It was the most normal, healthy environment any little kid could imagine being born into. Very happy and peaceful until he died.

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