Royal Pains in the A$$ Give the Royals a Hard Time Over a Toy Gun

The Australian-

Young Prince George pulled the trigger on a social media storm after he was photographed playing with a toy gun.

The future king was with Kate Middleton and his sister Princess Charlotte at the Maserati Royal Charity Polo Trophy at Beaufort Polo Club on Sunday.

Prince George and a friend appeared to be more interested in pretending to shoot their toy weapons.

Social media users were incensed that the Duchess of Cambridge, who gave birth less than two months ago, allowed her son to play with the toy with one user calling her “tone deaf.”


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8 Comments on Royal Pains in the A$$ Give the Royals a Hard Time Over a Toy Gun

  1. The males of the Royal Family are expected to serve in the military for a number of years before they begin any royal duties.
    I’m sure Prince George’s father, his grandfather, and his great grandfather played with toy guns when they were children, and learned to shoot real firearms years before joining the Royal military.
    One of these snowflakes is going to have a meltdown because he/she sees a member of the Royal family holding a real firearm in a real warzone (probably central London by that time).

  2. He looks like he’s about to do in the other possible heir to the throne. Typical of the time honored treachery of the royals.

  3. I could care less if the world’s biggest welfare recipients get some heat from their moronic subjects. Most of the Royal Family probably feel the same way about disarming citizenry. It is pretty ridiculous if you view it as guns and toy guns for us, not for you and your kids. Tone deaf hypocrites.

  4. How is that I grew up playing Army in the 60s and never thought of shooting anybody in real life and nowadays there’s no tolerance for toy guns and we have Mass shooters all to often?

  5. We played Army, Cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians, flag football (back in the 60’s) with the neighborhood guys that usually involved some tackling and a little bit of roughness and none of us ever turned out to be a murderer or a thief or criminal. We also had guns, toy guns. bb guns, knives, played mumbly peg in grade school, fast or what we thought were fast cars and we’re all still alive. We also settled fights behind the water tower across the street after school or the PE teachers took the 2 kids into the gym by themselves, gave them boxing gloves and let them beat the snot out of each other and shake hands afterwards. They still hacked us for being disobedient and teachers could take care of themselves around the bullies and almost always won. My father in law was a teacher and the Vice Principal at a local Catholic school and believe me he put the fear of God and Mr. Coomes into smartass disrespectful students. I think it was a lot better back then than these coddled snowflakes who have no respect for themselves or others nowadays.


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