Rubio Ad: Tomorrow

The first 1:20 is excellent.




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  1. It is a good ad. No matter who wins the nomination, it will be nice to have a CiC who actually believes this is a great country and won’t apologize for it. Unlike the other side, I believe we have candidates who actually believe it.

  2. He cast his lot with the biggest assholes and four-flushers in a Party of assholes and four-flushers. Go home Marco, you blew it.

  3. Rubio is Michael Medved’s last great hope. For that reason alone I hope he loses to John Kasich by 6 points.

  4. Yea, up to 1:20. The rest was OK, nice shot of his family. Married in ’98 with four children.

    I wonder what it cost to get that song.

  5. And exactly WHAT does the first 1:20 have to do with one’s qualifications to be president? And like Rubio himself… it’s pretty, but I’ve seen it before.


  6. What an original ad.

    Everytime I see this little boy, I remember Savage saying many months ago that the only thing R is good for is driving an ice cream truck.

    I looked up reverse speech after reading about it at CTH. Jeff Rense had a guest on who specializes in it (YouTube). He played a snippet of Rubio from a past debate then reversed it. Guess what Rubio was saying to the viewers:

    “F–k U.S.”

    He looks like he’s lying in forward speech. Confirms it in reverse.

    No wonder FBI, NSA don’t like it when we little people know.

    Most of Obama’s reverse speech had the word “Satan” in it.

    Trump was all sincere all the time. Pretty amazing

  7. Every time I see Rubios’ face I think of that fucked up stupid newspaper cartoon from the ’70s, Dondi. It was like the anti-Peanuts cartoon. Humor had nothing to do with it. It was a goddam fucking soap opera featuring a sharks’ eyes (“like a dolls’ eyes”) immigant who wanted everyone to buy him shit and shelter and feed him. A friggin liberal toon if there ever was one. And there were plenty.

  8. The problem that I have with Rubio is that he tries to copy the brashness of Trump, the message of Cruz, and the anger of Christie…..but he still looks like a balding alter boy.


    And he’s a damn RINO.

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