Rubio Ad Zeroes In On The Trump KKK Incident

22 Comments on Rubio Ad Zeroes In On The Trump KKK Incident

  1. So what’s at the end of the rainbow for Rubio as the paid ankle biting terrier? A multi-million dollar book deal for a book no one will read or buy?

    IOTWR should have a contest to see what this guy is doing in February 2017.

    K street? Wall Street? Happily retired with book deal money?

  2. Trump in tomorrow’s debate: “What? I gotta send little Ricky Roboto a personal tweet every time I disavow someone now? Get with current events shorty”

  3. Not a Rubio supporter, but this was a definite flub on the Donald Trump for presidency trail. And it is fair game. He said “David Duke” twice then pretended that his ear piece was bad. He lied. Fair game people.

  4. Read the latest Ann Coulter piece–David Duke is nowhere near as bad as Al Sharpton, DeRay McKesson etc.? Why is the KKK so much worse than the Black Panthers? So sick of this crap–really have black fatigue.

  5. If Trump announces at 8:00 am that he’s skipping the debate the advertising dollar per unit rate along with viewer count will drop like Icarus’ hat,

  6. Lazlo, yea, if Donald skips the debate that would not work for him. Period. You really think that is an option?

  7. Trump won’t skip the debate.
    He is still getting spanked for not turning over the money promised to the charities during the stunt he pulled last time he tried that.

  8. @JohnS – source? I haven’t heard anything like that and I am pretty sure it would be big news if true

  9. Rubio is proving himself to be an enemy of the Conservative force in America. Fckm for giving (fake) ammo to the Left. He needs to drop out of the race, face the reality that he has no chance of winning.

  10. Marco “Bath House Barry’s white friend” Rubio needs campaign workers that are up to speed on the daily events of the campaign trail.

  11. KKK is a Demonrat organization and Mr. Trump should hang it around their necks, once and for all.

    And besides that, they’re infinitely less efficient than Planned Parenthood, feral urbanites, and the Demonrat Party at killing and marginalizing negroes.

    (not that killing and marginalizing negroes is a good thing)

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