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Rubio Attacks Trump’s Fingers

Rubio opened the door for a very, very easy counter-attack, one that he probably shouldn’t have welcomed.

Marco, do you really want to imply that you’re looking at men’s fingers in order to “size them up”? —–>

No wonder the GOP loses elections. They have no idea what they are doing when conducting politics from the gutter. And I’m shocked Rubio took this line of attack.

Despite being a traitor and a liar, I always felt he was a serious person. This latest tack just seems out of character for him.

Pro Amateur tip:

Marco, stop admitting that you’re aware of finger size as it relates to package size, particularly when you have a story floating around about your foam parties, Chippendale’s parodies, your arrest in a gay park and your best friend running an online gay porn webcam site.

Will Trump “go there” next debate?


This season is beyond ridiculous.

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25 Comments on Rubio Attacks Trump’s Fingers

  1. Shut up Marco. You’re done. Should’ve started attacking Trump 2 months ago. Instead you were lying through you teeth about Ted Cruz being pro amnesty. Bye now. Don’t let the door hit ya..

  2. We have a combination of a presidential election year and reality teevee. If this was happening in another country it would be entertainment. Instead it is happening to us, dammit.

  3. Wow wow wow wheres little Megyn Kelly to slam the sexist remark? Oh she was at the Oscars with the “other” celebrities.
    And now her old fuckbuddy, Brit Hume is downplaying Hillary’s email scandal. So when Trump wins the primary is FOX going to shill for Hillary? Rubio chubby little brainless proofter–needs to STFU.

  4. That Schumer bitch better watch out … Marco’s looking to take her place as “Stand Up Low-Brow Toilet Humor” comedienne.

  5. Heard the old wives tale about hand size, but
    Do you know what it means if you have elephant ears, an Opie haircut, and effeminate side-zip bootsies ?

    It means that you’re a pandering hispanic overambitious ass licker.

  6. I’m a big guy. Little ankle biters are enough of a problem that I can ideatify them pretty well. Watching the last debate convinced be little Marco has a smal guy issue. You could see it the way he went after Trump. Beware the ankle biter.

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