Rubio Defends Voting Record, Jeb!’s Attack

rubio cnbc debate

One of the best exchanges of the first part of this evening’s debate came when the CNBC moderators questioned the voting record of Senator Marco Rubio. After answering their questions about his record, Rubio also defended himself against a rather pathetic attempt by Jeb! to paint Senator Rubio as an absentee representative. -VGB.

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5 Comments on Rubio Defends Voting Record, Jeb!’s Attack

  1. The funny thing is, the paper Yeb! used also called him a right-wing extremist on immigration this month. It’s posted in the Bullpen.

    Go home Yeb.

  2. I think Jeb set this up for Rubio to score points. Jeb knows his campaign is finished and Rubio is the Rino favorite at this point.

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