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Ruby Ridge Remembered

Attorney General William Barr spent two weeks organizing former attorney generals to defend FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi, whose kill-shot on Vicki Weaver was “constitutional,” and also an “accident” and one of the many “mistakes” that could have been avoided but weren’t. 

American Greatness: This month marks 30 years since Ruby Ridge, one of those events that, as Dan Gelernter explains, the FBI prefers Americans to ignore. That attitude invites a look at those events, as described by the victims of FBI violence. 

Army veteran Randy Weaver believed the world had become corrupt and dangerous, so he chose to be a survivalist. In 1983, Weaver built a cabin in the remote Ruby Ridge area of northern Idaho and lived there with his wife Vicky, daughters Sara and Elisheba, son Samuel, and family friend Kevin Harris. 

Weaver held anti-government views but was not a member of the Aryan Nations. The federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms sought to make Weaver an informant among the group and when Weaver refused he was arrested. This led to a standoff in which U.S. Marshal William Degan and Weaver’s son Samuel, 14, were both killed.

This brought in the FBI, which deployed some 400 heavily armed agents, helicopters, and armored personnel carriers against a single family. The rules of engagement allowed deadly force against any family member seen with a firearm, but in effect it was an order of shoot on sight. more here

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  1. “The rules of engagement allowed deadly force against any family member seen with a firearm…”

    …too bad that ROE wasn’t used in Afghanistan and Iraq, where we were fighting ACTUAL WARS…

  2. Further proof that the doj has been out of control for years. God bless those who died that day.

  3. …”They just won’t let you be…”

    Truckin’, I’m a goin’ home
    Whoa whoa baby, back where I belong

  4. I know Barr said nice things about Trump in a speech and I’m assuming that’s why he chose him, but you’d think Trump would have known about his past. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t.

    I’m far from a political guru, but I suspect I wasn’t the only one who said Pence was a huge mistake at the time he was picked and wasn’t the first one to say Barr was a huge mistake. I’m sure there were many like me who were saying that about many picks. If he gets back in there and hasn’t learned his lesson and I question that with picks like Dr. Oz and Mullin in my state, then we’re going to still be screwed.


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