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Rucker: Debunking Sean Hannity’s Desperate (and False) Accusations Against Kathy Barnette

Liberty Daily: Fox News host Sean Hannity has spent an awful lot of time and credibility in recent days attacking U.S. Senate candidate Kathy Barnette. He endorsed Dr. Mehmet Oz in the Republican primary, and as I was told recently by Brannon Howse at Worldview Weekend, there are credible reports Hannity was the driving force in getting Donald Trump to endorse Oprah’s famous doctor.

This would make sense considering the all-out attacks Hannity and others have been engaged in against Barnette. His show last night was a doozy as he continued to go nuclear on the Black female veteran who nobody was talking about until she surged into a virtual three-way tie with Dr. Oz and David McCormick. Now, she’s a target.

Thankfully, many America First patriots are coming to her defense even as people like Hannity and Ric Grenell fall on their swords to try to save Donald Trump from an embarrassing loss by Dr. Oz.

There is one huge falsehood that is being spread by cronies of Dr. Oz which I will debunk thoroughly below. But before we get to that, I wanted to share the thoughts of other conservatives who have looked into the accusations against Barnette and come to a very different conclusion than what Sean Hannity is pushing. more h/t Joe6pak

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  1. Never cared much for Sean’s brand of politics; “controlled opposition” is what they call it. A running dog for the deep state.

  2. Hannity seemed to have really lost his way after Rush passed. He still had the peat repeat going on back then but could rein it in and have an original thought occasionally. I no longer tune in except on really big breaking news days-like the Supreme Court leak. Peat repeat…🤷‍♀️

  3. I really don’t think Hannity is a “great American.” But, I didn’t 15 years ago when I used to watch him, either.

  4. I stopped watching him around 2016. Couldn’t stand his constant repetition of short phrases, talking points and expounding on his physical prowess. Not to mention that he never let his guests talk.

    I should have stopped watching years earlier.

  5. This obsession with Dr. Oz is nuts. Beginning with Trump. All sorts of people are bashing Barnette and supporting Oz, I think just because of Trump. JD Vance is new, and has to do as he is told since he’s in a race too. But Richard Grenell, Hannity, crazy that they are attacking conservatives with rhetoric instead of stating their case.
    I know nothing about Barnette apart from what I have seen here and on Twitter. I hold no opinion of her over other candidates, about whom I also know little – but I know enough about Oz to not want him as a senator.

  6. Why you people watching TV? Why you watching Hannz? Jigga dumped his wife, banged interns and does coke. The fudge is wrong with you all?

  7. LCD, evidently Kathy said something negative about teh gayz so Ric Grenell got his faggy panties in a wad.
    Shame too because I liked Ric and now the asshole is passing along doctored video of her.

  8. On the 400 mile drive through the desert to visit my sister and her family, we turn off Hannity’s radio show and just listen to the sand scraping against the windows if there’s nothing else on satellite radio.

  9. Trump only endorsed Oz because the polling looked like Oz was a shoe in. Barnette is a significantly better America First candidate.

  10. Dr Oz always struck me as a snake oil salesman. Not that those don’t occasionally turn into successful politicians. But we got enough of those already.

  11. I always thought after all the assholes that stuck it to him that Trump is a poor judge of character.

    I’d still vote for him but there’s that.

  12. More Kathy! Less faux conservative carpetbagging.

  13. Hannity: “I don’t lead. I complain.”


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