Rudy Giuliani Lays Bare Joe Biden’s–Not Hunter’s–Crimes in Ukraine

Redstate: Now that President Trump has been acquitted for life by the US Senate, there is a renewed interest in investigating Ukrainian corruption. That’s a by-product of the impeachment farce that the Democrats weren’t banking on, as the American public was exposed to much about Ukraine-related corruption that the Democrat-media complex has kept hidden during the Age of Trump. For example, three members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee – Ron Johnson (R-WI), Chris Murphy (D-CT), and John Barrasso (R-WY) – are reportedly interested in meeting with Ukraine’s President.

Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s personal lawyer, has been conducting a private investigation into Ukraine corruption for over a year now and has collected (in his words) a mountain of evidence that will bury the Bidens. He has posted six podcasts on his website that detail some of that evidence. Giuliani has been making the rounds on cable news programs trying to get that word out.

On her Fox News Channel program earlier in the week, Shannon Bream reported that Democrats are accusing DoJ of creating a clearinghouse for Rudy Giuliani’s “fabricated dirt on a political opponent.” To explore that allegation, she interviewed Rudy Giuliani directly about it.  read more

8 Comments on Rudy Giuliani Lays Bare Joe Biden’s–Not Hunter’s–Crimes in Ukraine

  1. I believe Joe’s weird behavior on the campaign trail is setting the stage for him to claim to be “mentally incompetent’ to face trial.

  2. In a perfect world when Joe is up accepting the Democrat Nomination as he’s leaving the podium the FBI steps up and cuffs him and frog marches him away while reading him his rights while other agents are asking where Hillary, Michelle and Obama are.

  3. really doesn’t matter … Barr will not go after any of the Bidens … too much entrenched Deep State in DOJ … including Barr

    besides, … it’s now a race between the Comrade Bernie bros & Mikey’s Billions

    … my money’s (no pun intended) is on Minnie Mike

  4. fantasy is correct

    nothing will happen

    all our elected professional politicians have already seen to that

    they have made the system so they don’t even have ot make law anymore
    the unelected bureaucrats do that for them so they cannot be blamed


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