Rule Changes To SNAP Program Mean 700,000 Better Get To Work

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Nearly 700,000 people would lose food stamp benefits under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) after the U.S. Department of Agriculture today finalized a rule that would impose stricter work requirements.

Under the new SNAP rule, published Wednesday in the Federal Register, states would be subject to narrower criteria to waive a requirement that able-bodied adults without dependents (ABAWDs) work at least 20 hours a week to retain their benefits. The revised conditions for state-requested waivers apply to areas with an unemployment rate exceeding 10% or a lack of sufficient jobs. Also, the final rule limits carryover of ABAWD discretionary exemptions. More

Fourteen Dem run states have sued to block the rules change. Here

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  1. They’ll probably also need an exemption for displaced american citizens too.
    “My job was taken by a foreign worker I had to train before being fired”

  2. “Fourteen Dem run states have sued to block the rules change.”

    Aren’t these the same rules in place before Obozo changed them?

  3. My neighbors and others I know have bigger televisions than I do, some have nicer vehicles than mine yet my stuff is better. It’s better because I worked my ass off for what I have and take great pride in knowing that it was purchased with MY OWN MONEY!

  4. The MAGA movement is a direct threat to every parasite and they know it at least on a subconscious level. The very thought of them being de-funded is affecting their nervous system and they are involuntarily FREAKING OUT!

  5. …not that it’s not necessary, but the LAST time they did this under Clinton (Newt Gringrich forced him into it), they told my company about all the great, subsidized workers they would transport to their doorstep for free, so of COURSE the skinflints jumped on it with both feet.

    …well what they did was run prison busses through the worst parts of the ‘hood, picking up people that

    …they weren’t SHY about it, either. They paid NO attention to the job, treated the place like a social club, left used vials of tar heroin laying around the parking lot, prostituted in cars, had catfights and dawgfights in the break room, sprayed supervisors with steam hoses and laughed about it…you get the picture.

    The one thing they did NOT do, was WORK.

    …the bus drivers did not help. They came to pick them up at a set time, and left 10 minutes later come hell or high water, and it didn’t matter if one of their charges came running after the bus, they became OUR problem because they were absolutely HELPLESS on their own.

    …and you couldn’t SAY anything about maybe doing something to them, because you’d get an earful about slavery (or sprayed with a steam hose), and you can guess WHY.

    …they came with ZERO skills, too, so you couldn’t trust them with ANYTHING. One time, a guy stuck his fingers under the guard at the discharge of the FROZEN MEAT DICER, to “pull it out” WHILE IT WAS RUNNING.

    He went to the hospital in an ambulance.

    His fingers went in two other cars, as we went through the meat and found them.

    ..needless to say, the experiment did not work. No benefit came to society or the company, and as soon as they found a Hispanic community to draft from, and later, Africans, and the busses disappeared.

    Say what you want about foreigners, they work a LOT harder than American welfare recipients.

    The Africans consider the American Blacks lazy, if that tells you anything.

    …so, not sure how they plan to structure it THIS time, but if they ask ME, I’ll suggest they say two words.

    ..good luck with that, tho…

  6. Good, time to put an end to generational welfare. If you got time to sell drugs on the street corner for your “hommies”, you got time to get a job.


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