Rumor is the man currently known as Caitlyn is dating a 21 year-old

I’ll leave the punch line for someone else to reveal in the comments.

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  1. It would appear that they are on their way to meet up with the carnival and headline the freak show now that the boy with six legs and a tail has died!

  2. Liking women as a man was apparently not sane enough. Snip-o, change-o, and you get a lesbian.
    So he’s been a lesbian trapped in a man’s body all this time?!!? WTF?

  3. Man becomes woman and dates a man becoming a woman – not a story.
    68 year old dates a 21 year old – how is this not a comparison to Roy Moore story?
    Was he/she 64 and courting (grooming) the then 17 year old?
    How is a 47 year difference okay but a 16 year difference (32 & 16 or 30 & 14 if age of consent allows) not okay?
    Roy Moore has been married for 35 years. If Bruce and his boy-toy tie their knots and stay together for 35 years that would put them at 103 & 56.
    Oh boy, let’s celebrate the brave couple.

  4. When there are those unsuspecting times I think I’m life’s biggest loser (it’s complicated but not near as frequent as in years long gone by) all I need to do is remember Bruce and then I can cancel my therapy sessions due to high self-esteem. 🌞

  5. It would be crazy as well as extremely wrong for me at almost 65 to be dating someone who is 8 yrs. younger than my youngest daughter. Someone closer to my age maybe but not a 21 yr. old young woman. We used to call that robbing the cradle. Why don’t people just quit telling us about these things because I don’t give a damn anymore about these things?

  6. This is more liberalism trying to screw with traditional society.

    Be prepared for even worse. They will adopt children or marry a horse or some such thing.

  7. AT first glance my opinion of the 21 year old was, wow, she’s cute. I guess I should have known. Surgeons are doing one hell of a job on false advertising of OEM plumbing. Even Bruce looks like an odd, but congenial old cougar. But I think I’ve spotted a tip off. A feature that surgeons have not altered yet with a sharp blade. Knees. Check those knees out. They scream “I use to have a dick”.

  8. Is there anything more male white privileged than two white males cutting off their dicks, scissoring, and still being taken seriously by the moral bettors on the left?

  9. If that’s a picture of a guy then I’m glad I’m too old to hang around in bars looking for girls because that would sure as hell fool me. If fairness, I would wake up in the morning thinking “Hmmm, there was something not quite right about last night and wondering if it had something to do with my date’s jock strap hanging on the bedpost”.

  10. If the population needs programs complete with flow charts and diagrams to be able to tell the sexes, then that society is doing something hideously wrong.
    Where’s the SMOD when we need it?

  11. Waiting to see the Daily Mail description attached to these pics. How about “smoldering”, “effortlessly stylish”, etc.

    Oh, and this might not be a date. It might be a support group for confused people who can’t get a date and don’t know why. How about GA (Gender Anonymous) because you can’t tell by looking. Can’t tell by asking them either.

  12. I simply cannot imagine how horrid family gatherings must be. Amazing! At least there is something to whisper about: Dad’s girlfriend/ boyfriend; what IS OR ARE the PC pronouns? I prefer SICK. And to think THIS is what the military wants to allow into the service!!!!!!!

    Why are the predominance of weirdos LEFTISTS? Look at the current outing of across the board abusers!

  13. Funny, isn’t it?
    Money makes “pretty.”
    Even I’d be a “studly stud” with enough money.
    Women would forget that I resemble a fire plug with some clothes thrown over it.
    Money makes HRC smart and Geo. Soros handsome.

    izlamo delenda est …

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