Rupert Murdoch Interested In Purchasing CNN

With the Department of Justice calling on AT&T to spin off CNN before the parent is allowed to merge with Time Warner Inc, word today is the owner of CNN rival Fox News, Rupert Murdoch, has offered to buy the original 24 hour news network, twice in the last six months.

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What would Murdoch do with CNN if he did buy it?

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  1. No more mega mergers. ATT and TimeWarner should never be allowed to merge.
    Instead we need to be aggressively enforcing Antitrust law.
    Break up Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, etc.

  2. I’d love to have the money to throw away on the purchase of CNN. I’d buy it, fire the entire staff and sell off everything for scrap. The loss would be tremendous; not of CNN, but merely of my money. And worth every dime.

  3. “What would Murdoch do with CNN if he did buy it?”

    Have a huge meeting and tell all reporters, on air news readers and all other employees, that there will be no more Trump/Republican/Conservative bashing. They will no longer have ANY opinion breathed on air or behind the scenes; only straight news. The fist slip – they are fired.

    Could you imagine Wolf or any other CNN on air ‘talent’ holding back on their opinion? Would be fun to watch!

  4. It’s not so much what Rupert would do with it as it’s what his kids would do with it. The kids are typical british raised, rich and left leaning liberals. Fox is starting it’s lean away from conservative viewpoints and in a few years, sooner if Murdoch senior croaks out Fox will be centre left. CNN is already Hard left so you may see it move toward the centre but upon the exit of Rupert it’s likely to start a shift back left. How left it ends up is anyone’s guess.

    On the subject of megamergers they need to be stopped and some of these companies need to be split. Part of the problem is that each of the companies have “special” voting shares that actually control the company rather then the common voting shares. The market used to punish companies that did this but no more. You could own a majority of common shares and still not control the direction or the makeup of the company.

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