Rush Limbaugh: “The chemo drugs are working”

100% Fed Up: Rush Limbaugh gave his listeners an update on his battle with stage 4 lung cancer today with some good news: “The chemo drugs are working.”

Rush has been absent from his show for a few days and reassured his audience that he’s fine:

“I’m fine. I’m sitting here at my official home library desk, and I am fine.”

Limbaugh told his fans that the particular lung cancer he has involved a rate mutation of a gene that occurs only in 1% to 5% of cancer patients:

“Now, ordinarily, that would be very bad news because it would be something that maybe there’s no medicine for or that there’s no targeted treatment for. It turns out it was good news because there is a clinical trial of a combination of chemo drugs that have been very successful in attacking this particular gene mutation in melanoma cancers.”

After four weeks of chemo that “went great” Rush said he had to stop the treatment because of the medication’s painful side effects: more here

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  1. stay well Rush … you are an American treasure

    we, & President Trump, need your voice in these times

  2. I heard Rush call into his own show on Friday. He did not sound good. His body’s response to treatment sounded terrible.

    I pray for him. The man is not well. Perhaps alternative treatments will work. Prayers would be helpful.

    Rush helped me understand the world, and how to interpret our nation’s internal politics. He helped me understand that smiling faces, altruistic speakers, had sinister intentions.
    Once I figured that out, understanding the
    democrat media became simple to unpack.

    I can’t thank Rush enough for that.

  3. Big love El Rushbo. I know you changed my life. I was good-time, plastic-banana, rockin’ roller FM type till you came along.

    Us Rush listeners will get the reference

  4. Cisplatin is probably one of the Chemo drugs they’re using. That stuff sucks. The cure maybe worse than the desease.

  5. Imagine that. Clinical trials for a chemo which attacks a mutation occurring in only 1-5% of melanoma cancer patients. What a medical system we have when we let it work!

    And yet, the politicians are fighting like demons to prevent the use of chloroquine against what they tell us is the deadliest pandemic ever. I sure wish Rush was on the air exposing this political science. No doubt he’d have some incisive opinions about this.

    We need you now more than ever, Rush.

  6. As Rush would say:

    “Right on, Right on, Riight on.”

    I just happen to hear it live, I could not believe it and stopped what I was doing and just listened, it only lasted a few minutes.

    Like HE said, he managed to get through the call screener!!!! So Rush.

    Thinking about it, it was amazing to listen to someone showing such humility and humbleness knowing that death is, excuse me, gulp, a few blocks away.

    GO Rush, you are the fucking man. Why? Because he said FUCK YOU, laughingly with tongue and cheek, eh hem, of course, to his detractors, the scumbag leftists and hating American Demorats.

    They were his foils.

    foil noun (2)
    Definition of foil (Entry 4 of 5)
    1: a light fencing sword having a usually circular guard and a flexible blade of rectangular section tapering to a blunted point
    — compare ÉPÉE, SABER
    2: the art or sport of fencing with the foil —often used in plural

    This is him vs the libs.

  7. Love this guy….but maybe smoking cigars may have not been a great idea.

    I still love seeing him get the Medal of Freedom in from of all the democrats in the SOTU speech! Trolled!

  8. Believe me, Rush sounded a lot more optimistic about his health than the future of America after this pandemic panic ends.

    We’re going to need to hear his assessment of America post-corona more than any time in his 30+ years of broadcasting.


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