Just before his passing, Rush Limbaugh delivers one of the most accurate and compelling accounts of the true Thanksgiving story that you’ve ever heard… Be grateful. WATCH

Did you know they were socialists with a central bank and tons of debt?

“The first winter in the new world was an act of survival that you and I cannot possibly relate to or understand Of paramount importance to [the Pilgrims] was living freely and worshiping God according to the dictates of their own conscience and their own beliefs.

That’s what they were denied the freedom to do in England. One of the most important legacies of the early settlers is that they experimented with socialism in the 1620’s and it did not work.

Private property rights, personal responsibility saved the Plymouth colony from extinction and laid the economic foundation for the free and prosperous nation that we all enjoy today.”

-Rush Limbaugh

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  1. First her Rush 30 years ago He had a show on the north end of pre Bush was kern Valley, post Bush SJ Valley. (VDH wrote a great anti Bush book (if you are an America loving guy) MEXIFORNIA – did not sell well- about how 2 lefties named George destroyed our state!) either Stockton or mMdesto. Said Ronny wqs by far our best President. I was hooked!

    Was a fan for the rest of his life!

    he had guts. Called out “Bush Republican” H. Hewit for lying about “Bush Republicans” time and time again! Hewit ran “Town Hall” for years; have nlt seen his name there for some time.

  2. At the first Thanksgiving-

    “Hey! This turkey tastes funny. What did you stuff it with?”

    “Stuff it? I didn’t stuff it.
    It wasn’t hollow!”

  3. Bra…It rewminds me of a Jesse Jackson quote now that I got trolled…”I am somebody” but they can never get my avatar because it only exists on a Bill Gates machine that is dead, dead, dead….Just like Gruff the goat who is also dead, dead, dead….I just want to know when my $80 bucks an hour checks start coming in….


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