Rush Limbaugh v the Breakfast Club | the Phantom of White Privilege

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  1. I heard just a few minutes of that show. Rush really sucked up to those phoney racists. I was really different to listen to. Rush was so unprepared that all he did was apologize for being white.


  2. Now the cops are getting down on their knees and kneeling to rioting negroes.

    Do you think the cops are going to protect you?

    They might as well start making porn movies and start sucking big black ****.

  3. JPM,
    I also listened to that show on Monday. Limbaugh tried over and over to elicit honest answers to the problems only to be met with the usual drivel self-absorbed lib-tards have been trained to mimic. it’s apparent the 3 dullards on that show detest whites and when Limbaugh plainly showed them that success is possible in America as exemplified by their show he was smugly rebuked. It’s clear they believe instant success should be handed to minorities on a silver platter with an engraved apology from the white race.

  4. Notice there’s never a recognition of black on white violent crime let alone apologies. The numbers are staggering and yet never mentioned.
    There should be an all out war against the national press because of the lies, distortion and manipulation that create the anger and confusion that’s flooded the public reasoning.
    Rush was stupid for going on that show and groveling before those race hustlers.

  5. Blacks are like lottery winners who squander all their winnings on material possessions only to see it all disappear as fast they can spend their winnings. Being entitled doesn’t get you anything but being ungrateful for your good luck. I’d rather have what little that I have and be grateful for it than for everything to be given to me on a silver platter. Money and material possessions don’t buy happiness if you’re already ungrateful and jealous and envious of everyone who has more than you do. Which brings me to, Thou shall not covet.

  6. I was listening and the one guy mentioned the MN officer, I think in response to ElRushbo trying to reason with them (Somali muslim former policeman Noor) who killed a white woman, by mistake or something, the Breakfast Club guy said–quite a mistake–he reached over his partner who was in the driver’s seat and closest to the victim who had just approached the car with her cell phone and shot right in front of his partner who was in drivers seat. Untrained officer pushed into the force as a sort of affirmative action hire! ElRush did not cave on whether ‘white privilege’ exists, mentioned that he, himself had been fired 9 times

  7. Heard the 2nd half. COMPLETE waste of his dwindling time. Don’t know if he was trying for a new shine on his media legacy (couldn’t blame him if he was) but it was clear immediately that they were scripted, closed-minded and not seriously considering ANYTHING he said, even when he slammed them with at least 50 straight years of incessant Democrat lies and betrayals of blacks. IT DIDN’T MATTER. They came off like programmed retards but Rush came of worse for beating his head against that wall.

  8. The massive welfare state is the leading reason there’s so much despair in the black communities. As Larry Elder stated “black women are married to the welfare system” leaving the men to escape responsibility for their children and the women completely dependent on government.
    The more they are given the more the sense of entitlement grows as does the anger.

  9. My semi-racist dad would disagree but I’ve long suspected at least some of the anger constantly fuming among blacks is due to pricked consciences…they know they’re living like parasites off the sweat of other people and it eats at them (as it should) but not enough to try to get on their own feet, as many have. So they fume because they’re secretly ashamed of themselves. Doesn’t help that Democrats have told them for 50 years to embrace depenedency as a point of pride.

    Just a hypothesis that I have no way to prove. Would like to think I’m correct but only God knows the secret counsels of the heart.

  10. I saved this some time ago, and can’t find who to credit or attribute it to. So my sincere apologies to the original author, which is not me.

    “Progressives like to claim that the economic disparities between blacks and whites are due to white privilege. Ignoring the fact that Asian immigrants generally do quite well in this country, what can be done to lessen the disparity? Well, it’s not like white privilege is any big secret. Anyone can reach out and take some. Here’s how you do it: Go to school and study your ass off. Graduate from high school. Obey the law. Avoid recreational drugs and alcohol. Get a job. Consider no job, if it is honest work, to be beneath you. Work your ass off. Go to church. Avoid pre-marital sex and all-night partying. Do not have a child unless you’re married and are able to support one. Live beneath your means. Save money for emergencies. Do not hang out with criminals, slackers, or losers. This is white privilege in a nutshell. And what’s great about white privilege is, get this, you don’t have to be white to get it. These rules will work for anyone, regardless of race or religion or country of origin. All you have to do is follow them and good things will come your way. Usually. The problem is that, due to the unevenness of life, the benefits of white privilege are not evenly distributed, so it’s better if you live in a community where everyone practices these rules. In this way, you will maximize your chances of benefiting from white privilege. But you’re not done yet. You also must teach these rules to your children, and teach them to teach the rules to their own children. Because the benefits of white privilege accrue like compound interest over generations. And it only takes one generation, maybe two, to break this golden chain and then you’re back to square one, back to the misery, starvation, ignorance, and squalor that have been endemic to human societies since time immemorial. White privilege is the only path that has ever lead to prosperity for the many, rather than just for the few. So what this world needs is not less white privilege, but more.”

  11. There’s no solution – – not even a beginning – – as long as the race baiting dems and msn are instigating.

  12. There was only one reason why Rush went on the Breakfast Club and he let the cat out of the bag on his program the morning after his interview. He did it to gain listenership, and said as much so. He started in on his mantra and said several times about the new listeners to his program due to his interview on The Breakfast Club. I guess that’s why I kept turning him off yesterday, got tired of his ranting, yelling and constant repeating. He’s like an f’ing broken record. He has said nothing new, has no encouragement for his listeners, and maybe he realizes that his time is short here on earth. IMHO, there’s nothing much left for him to say. He’s not going to change too many liberals minds about Trump or our nation. The line has been drawn in the sand. JMHO.

  13. “Rush was stupid for going on that show and groveling before those race hustlers.”

    I listened to it and that was my impression too. Nothing productive resulted from that interchange.

  14. JDHasty, ““Rush was stupid for going on that show and groveling before those race hustlers.”

    I listened to it and that was my impression too. Nothing productive resulted from that interchange.”

    Couldn’t that be the reason he did it?

    Look at what President Trump does to the media and the left. He says something (sometimes making even his strongest supporters angry), only to find out he had no intention of doing what he said, but just to elicit a response that broadcasts to the whole nation just how insincere the left is.

    We call President Trump a genius, a warrior and a master 7D chess player.

    Whatever motivation that Rush had, look at the result. BLM has no interest in changing anything. They are unwilling to actually participate in the discussion that they say they want. What they really want is what other’s have and are not willing to put in the effort to get it on their own. They are still slaves and they hate themselves.

  15. I have heard that same exact discussion go down too many times to count. These nitwits were not open to anything except what the progressive movement has as its latest mantra. It is worse than futile to try and dialogue with them.

  16. Now imagine one of those guests, after lying to get there, on a jury deciding the fate of any prominent defendant. You can see who they vote to represent them, why expect reason or logic in any matters before them?

  17. I listened to the Brainless Club and Rush broadcast – it was very disappointing. Rush kept genuflecting, hoping it would appease the leftist he was interviewing. It didnt work.
    Yes, Rush made some good points as noted in the video in thread, but overall, Rush was unprepared and probably thought his egotistical charm could dent the leftist radio hosts’ indoctrinated mentality.
    The whole thing came off like a publicity stunt for both parties. Rush wanted more diverse listeners and the Brainless Club wanted to confirm their incorrect assumption Rush is a racist.
    Both are entertainment venues so that seems to be the driving factor of the interview.
    BTW, Charlemagne tha God, on of the Brainless Club’s “personalities” has said it was a waste of time talking to Rush. The fact that probably neither side gained significant changed minds of the listeners – I have to agree.

  18. How to get “white” privilege:
    1) Stay in school; get good grades, and graduate. Separate but equal was never equal.
    2) Stay out of trouble. If Da Man is out to get you because you’re black, don’t give him any other reason to get you.
    3) Learn a skill that pays. Don’t count on getting rich in sports or music; for every success, there are millions of failures.
    4) Marry before you have kids, and stay married. If your parents messded up up, don’t continue the tradition.


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