Rush Limbaugh visibly shaken after caller offers to donate his lung


19 Comments on Rush Limbaugh visibly shaken after caller offers to donate his lung

  1. getting this offer at least twice a day … wow
    Rush is truly a loved cultural phenomenon … deservedly so

    Godspeed Mr. Limbaugh …. fight the good fight … we’re with you all the way

  2. Different Tim–

    Ethical, yes. People donate kidneys, which also come in pairs.

    Feasible, I’m not sure. Would have to research.

  3. Ann, should have worded that better. Was referring actually to the doctor removing a healthy lung. A little more vital than a kidney to life. My bad.

  4. Different Tim–

    An interesting question, though. Brief initial research shows that two living people CAN donate parts of one of their lungs to one other person, but living donors cannot donate an entire lung. Whole lungs need to come from a deceased person. At this time.

  5. Listen to it live he just about lost it and he never does that.
    Lung transplants are one of the hardest to do.
    I wonder if he has been talking to Dr. Carson to find the best of the best. I hope so.

  6. Had a lung removed back in ’76. Cut my smokin’ in half right there.
    But seriously, Rush, you’re more than welcome to anything that might be salvaged from my formerly nicotine stained innards.

  7. See, you goddamn Libs, someday you’re going to realize you’re on the WRONG SIDE of life. But at the rate you’re going, it will likely be too late.

  8. The problem, I’m sad to say, is that his cancer is stage 4, which usually means it has spread to other parts of his body. Best of luck to Rushbo. I wish when my time comes, I could have as many praying for me as Rush does.

  9. 15 or 20 years ago, I was not fond of Rush. I thought he was so brash, and a bit of a woman hater. This was a time in my life when I may have been part Liberal. I voted for most Republicans, But I really believed rush was too hard core. In any case, I have learned to love him over the last five years, and if I could help him in anyway, I would. May God bless him, and give him 100 times more life expectancy than any of us ever thought he could have.

  10. Thousands of pagan doctors gleefully butcher infants, so finding one who would perform this operation really shouldn’t be a problem.

  11. I sure hope he makes it. After coffee he’s the second thing I do to start my day. I listened to him in relative safety with headphones at my game jobs in the 90’s…he’s just always been there…that smart funny underground outpost while living amongst the crazy libs of Seattle. 🤞🙏

  12. Tony R, Not necessarily true. I have been stage 4 cancer twice with different types of cancer, both with metastasis and I am still here. My first cancer, 18 years ago was a rare cancer and very deadly. I know many others who have survived stage 4 cancers. I actually have 3 types of cancer but, only two of the three have gone to stage 4.
    I say, have a positive attitude, never give up and pray.


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