More Info – Rush Painting –

Bidding ends at 4pm.

(PHenry is negotiating to try and have prints made of the digital version. Let’s see if we can make that feasible while keeping the cost as low as possible. Will update as soon as I know.)

There have been lots of discussions and ideas centering around how to get prints of this painting to the people.

Printing them myself, and mailing them, has, in the past, been a Herculean effort. They often arrive damaged, and bulk printing is the way to get an economical price break, but I would have no idea of the demand. Even if I get that right, 3 or 4 people could want them after we run out, and they would have to be printed at premium price.

The best way to do this is for me to send a digital print ready file and you can have it printed at a Staples, or somewhere similar.

An 18×24 print, on their heaviest stock paper, is $17.99. Photo paper is $14.99.

If you request a file it can stay as is, or you can customize it with a quote of your choosing. (Example – “Talent Returned To God.”)

I want to send these to you for free, but I am getting guff from people, who shall remain nameless, for that decision.

So, this is my compromise. Everyone who has sent us a paypal gift in 2021 will receive a file at the email they use for paypal.

Anyone who has not rattled the gift jar this year, and requests a file, please send a gift (any amount) to our paypal and let me know in the notes if you want a tagline included on the art.

Also, you can bid for the original painting. Opening bid is $150, Joe6Pak, and the bidding will end tomorrow, the 25th, at 4PM ET.

16×20. Acrylic on canvas.

I’ve included the screenshot from the night he received the Medal of Freedom.

That is the look I sought to capture. His bravery, the honor, the gravitas, was palpable.

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  1. Beautiful work – I love it!! What a wonderful American Rush was. You’ve captured his essence from that night. Bravo!!

  2. The B&W image is so deep and carries with it the intense nature of the man. I can only echo the sentiments of the previous comments.

    “Mega-Dittos” guys and kudos to BFH

  3. What you did there is not an easy thing to do. It’s one thing to do a facsimile, and another to capture a personality. Thumbs up!

  4. Not sure I could afford the painting, but I could buy a print (when available)

  5. I intended to celebrate February 17 as a NATIONAL HOLIDAY from now on.

    PATRIOTS DAY… in honor of Rush. 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

  6. @C – ^^^^ THIS.

    Now I KNOW why I show up at YOUR place…! Nice minds think alike…;>)

    Thought the same earlier today when I saw that final version.

    The thing is??

    I WANT ONE…so @BFH not sure IF you have done some small limited printings issued, that MANY artists do (YOU know about this) where you run off 100(?) on nice paper and sign them!

    1/100…2/100…3/100…and then you SIGN it.


    Lastly, I heard this today on the show…and brought back a ‘rush’ of memories…

    “His bravery…the honor…the gravitas…was palpable.” BFH

  7. Good work. B&W a good choice, because that’s what the truth is.

    Could you upload it to Zazzle or a similar site? Then we (and others) could order prints on paper, canvas, metal, etc., in various sizes. Prices would be reasonable, you don’t have to do production but get paid every time someone orders. (Just make sure they’re printed in America, not China.)

  8. I would donate $50 towards sending the original to Mrs. Limbaugh. Could send more, if needed.

    Claudia, would you be willing to be the person to whom we send $$$ for that purpose? (Pending BFH’s approval of doing this, of course.)

    I also think the idea of limited reprints is excellent.

  9. @BFH – now I want one…of Franklin…speaking of other Great Americans in ones lifetime…minus the discovering electricity part…they both had this…WISDOM. :>O

    (I know this is Rushbo thread…just want to give YOU ideas…)



  10. @Ann Nonymous Prime: I laugh at myself sometimes. When I first read your comment, I thought you said to send it “to the original Mrs.Limbaugh”.

  11. @BFH and @C – and btw…do a special copy for Mar-a Lago…while you’re at it Fur.

    Just a suggestion…I think 45 and Melania would dig it…A LOT.

  12. I plan on contributing when I get my taxes back. I apologize for not doing before but have my reasons more being a single mom and working through some bad decisions I have made in the past not because of y’all. I’m finally getting some solid ground underneath me and my kids but not where I should be at this stage in my life. Again not your problem but really want to help and will. Rush and this site kept me going. I have to learn PayPal. I want to say that I would pay $200 for print if you can help me with PayPal. Can pay that now and will continue to donate. Thanks for all you do.

  13. You did a great job BFH. Love it.
    Sadly I have many poster I have yet to put up, so I won’t be asking for one, but did want to give you the props you deserve.
    Very touching.

  14. BFH, thank you so much for the digital gift of your Rush painting. I’m getting used to the idea that he is no longer physically among us. His legacy will live on in unexpected ways.

  15. @BFH – lesson learned…never step out to go to the store when an internet bid is going on and the ‘chips are down’…

    @FreedomCat BEAT – you me by TWO minutes!

    One SMART cookie…


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