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Russ Feingold’s Fear and Loathing of Article Five

Senator John Kennedy (LA-R) made a splash earlier this week exposing the ignorance of recent nominees to the federal bench about the constitution. One of his questions was about Article 5. Here

Interestingly enough, former senator Russ Feingold (WI-D) has co-authored a book about Article 5 and the pitfalls (from his perspective) of calling a Convention of States to amend the constitution. To Feingold and his co-author, Peter Prindville the possibility of such a convention is a fearsome prospect. Their book, “The Constitution in Jeopardy” is a warning of pending disaster to those who love big government.

Watching them discuss their work at the Marquette Law School, Lubar Center, which aired earlier this month was an enjoyable review of how far we’ve come towards using the amendment process to rein in the increasingly tyrannical nature of our own federal government. Image how many states will join the effort after more people understand just how much various federal agencies have injured them with the creation of the COVID virus and imposition of vaccine mandates to try to mitigate the damage they’ve caused. Watch

One of the organization’s the authors named who are working on bringing about a convention is Convention of States Action

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  1. One thing I am not is a Constitutional Academic. With that being said, there is no way I would sign on to having the leftists have a say in making changes to what is probably the greatest single document that identifies the rights of men.

  2. It always amazes me that supporters of the Constitution don’t actually support using the Constitution to save the Republic from people destroying the Constitution. In other words, you don’t support the Constitution in full measure!

    If you think we haven’t already been destroyed, get off the planet.

  3. I fear that anything a Convention of States adopted as new rules / laws would be ignored just like the Constitution is now. Why would the criminals infesting our current government honor the new rules any more than the Constitution itself which they have violated with impunity for decades even though they have all sworn oaths to uphold and defend it?

    As John Adams said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Sadly, we have extremely few people in government of high moral character and integrity that take their oath seriously.

    There has to be real accountability for those that constantly ignore and dishonor our Constitution and it seems painfully obvious to me at this point that only a legitimate fear of willfully violating our Constitution or any other rules and laws has to be in place ….. like being subject to public hangings for those that willfully violate the Constitution and the honest rule of law. It would also require honest judges which also seem to be in very short supply.

  4. I don’t trust Democrats, RINOs and Independents.
    And there are WAY more of those who pursue governmental positions than do Conservatives.
    Therefore I have ZERO confidence that such a group would IMPROVE the existing Constitution.
    I vote we leave it alone.
    If anything, remove any Amendments passed by Woodrow Wilson and we’re done.

  5. A “Convention of States” to re-arrange the Constitution isn’t what we need; what we need are honorable men who are willing to protect and defend the Constitution against ALL enemies: foreign and domestic – which includes judges, FBLiars, Usurpers, Traitors in the Agencies, corrupt-o-crats, &c.

    The Constitution is the greatest document circumscribing gov’t that the World has ever seen – until we get to the 16th and 17th Amendments – the two which initiated and fertilized the growth of tyranny, mendacity, and oppression through gov’t diktat from un-elected, faceless, irresponsible bureaucrats.

    No. We need honorable men to run for office instead of these anti-American greedy, grasping, lying perverted maggots who seem to be crawling out of the woodwork at greater rates.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Secession now is the answer. We can re-unite if and when.
    The government closest to the people is best

  7. Change is scary. Best to stay with things exactly as they are and hope that Congress chooses to limit their power, adopts a balanced budget and institutes term limits.

  8. Hey guys, I’m all for it!

    In fact, when it comes time to count the votes for this or that change in the new constitution, I’LL be there to do the *giggle!* “counting” for ya!

    Luck and luvs, fellahs!

    I’ll be *snicker!* “Counting” on ya!

  9. Feingold says in the program that there are enough states already for a COS on a Balanced Budget amendment, we just need Congress to call the Convention.

    He and his co-author believe the rules for a COS are undefined and therefore open to be manipulated. They also want a COS on a purely popular vote basis instead of one vote per state. That would be the recipe for disaster.

    It seems to me it is mostly citizens from states that oppose big government that would force a COS given that the federal government is increasingly repressing their rights. Would a COS have to include the 1/3rd of states that oppose it or just the states in favor, because that to me would be a pretty good protection from abuse.

    Since the states lost the right to appoint Senators, they’ve lost all representation at the federal level, making states little more than the minor league of government in this country. COS seems like the last means the state have for reigning in the abuses at the federal level that has co-opted so many that should be representing the interest of their citizens. It seem to me that we’re nearly out of options for controlling Big Government and the more are injured, abused and violated by the federal government the closer we’re going to get to either a COS or outright revolt. The existing branches of government have proven themselves unwilling and unable to carve back freedoms that the D.C. swamp has continued to erode. We’ve given them plenty of chances and just look at what has happened over the last 6 years to thwart those efforts and the racket just gets cranked tighter on your ability to being left alone by those who want to dominate you. The choice is approaching faster than you may want to realize.

  10. Well said Dr. Tar. Some people are concerned about what could transpire and that things could get worse than they are. If we do nothing, things are going to get worse than they are. We can take that to the bank.

    Continuation of the status quo guarantees that those of us that will not conform will be treated as subversives (we’re there now). Those of us who then refuse to comply will first be marginalized (again, we’re there), then dehumanized (yup, we’re there) and finally (failing re-education) eliminated.

  11. The Balanced Budget Amendments thus offered would REQUIRE that taxes be raised to match the prodigal spending of the Congress with White House approval.
    Congress and the Executive Agencies are absolutely infested with liars and sneaks who have spent their entire lives lying and sneaking.

    A far better idea is to repeal the 16th and have every Congressional District pony up an equal amount to satisfy the “budget.” I think it’s called “apportionment.” 438 maggots in the House: budget divided by 438, and let the gnashing of teeth, rending of garments, and caterwauling begin (probably put an end to racist gerrymandering, too).

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  12. People talk about doing a convention of states. No. Leave it alone. The commies control all voting in many states now. Last two federal and state elections prove this. Fetterman? Really? Others come to mind. Anything needing voted on that is important will go commie. Thus, a convention of states might well bring Roosevelt’s ‘positive’ constitution into being… like the Soviets had or the French or the Chinese have. One thing certain to be removed will be the second amendment, likely the ninth and tenth as well. Not good. Leave it alone.


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