Russia case agent Strzok cited for misconduct, security violation and ‘exceptionally poor judgment’ in FBI memos

John Solomon Reports:

his summer, ex-FBI agent Peter Strzok filed a lawsuit suggesting his firing was political retribution for having run the bureau’s counterintelligence investigation into the now debunked allegations that Donald Trump and Russia colluded to hijack the 2016 election.

The Justice Department has responded to the lawsuit in a big way, releasing to the court presiding over the civil case Strzok’s official misconduct file that concluded the former FBI supervisor exhibited “a gross lack of professionalism and exceptionally poor judgment.”

It shows the FBI substantiated that Strzok had engaged in dereliction of duty, had committed misconduct through the expression of anti-Trump bias on his official FBI phone and committed security violations by performing official government work on personal email.

The records show one official recommended termination, and another recommended suspension for 60 days without pay. The bureau leadership chose the more severe of the two penalties, terminating Strzok last year.

The dereliction of duty citation involved Strzok’s failure, according to the FBI, to quickly follow up in fall 2016 after the belated discovery of a trove of Hillary Clinton emails on a laptop belonging to former Congressman Anthony Weiner and his wife, Clinton aide Huma Abedin. KEEP READING

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  1. is it all kabuki theater? Is there not a glimmer of patriotism? of respect for our nations history? Is it just blowing smoke up our asses and telling us its raining?

    The FBI needs a massive ENEMA and i wish Trump would get around to it. Defund them by 99% and the State Dept too.

  2. I read for the first time the entirety of the released Strzok-Page texts…Then I took a shower…a political shower. These two were attached by an extreme political ideology. Nothing sexy.

  3. I’m naive enough to sometimes hope a few glittering sparks of ‘doing-what’s-right’ would explode into a revival of American pride and enthusiasm.

    Sometimes I am optimistic, other times…..not so much.

  4. Every left-wing broadcast is telling the Democrats how to do their job. Because they are losing! They are not parroting the latest Democrat talking point, “Bribery!”. But the media are trying to rect the Democratic ship, and they are failing because of this impeachment hearings cabal!

  5. Strzok sat on the Clinton emails discovered on Carlos Danger’s laptops until it was too late to fully investigate their classified contents. He took it upon himself to tip the scales in favor of his choice for President. We know this because the text messages and emails to his married lover exposed his prejudice and disdain for Trump’s supporters. Now, he wants to be reinstated in his old job at the FBI. He needs to be prosecuted for Sedition and very bad taste in mistresses.

  6. So Strzok abuses his office and attempts to take down a US president and its ‘exceptionally poor judgment’ by FBI standards. Looks like getting justice may take some efforts using the 2nd amendment as it was designed.

  7. just started reading Gregg Jarrett’s ‘Witch Hunt’ (hard to read w/out getting angry as a Swallowswell fart)

    … Strzok was involved in the Hildabeast E-Mail cover-up & subsequent ‘exoneration’, the ‘insurance policy’ ‘dossier’ & the lead FBI agent in the Muleface Investigation … all under the guidance of Comey & McCabe. Jarrett said he thought he was the Super Agent of the FBI.

    massive asshole

  8. Consider this bit of evidence: Strzok was in charge of FBI counterintelligence for many years, and he couldn’t keep his wife from discovering that he was having an affair with another married woman. His wife found evidence on his iPhone that he was meeting her in hotels and sending her flowers. She even used his phone to confront his mistress. Strzok allowed his private scandal to become public property. I hope his wife gets her share of his assets before his lawyers finish fleecing him.


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