A Story About How America Was Almost Destroyed By Criminals


This is a story about how America was almost destroyed by criminals. Based on the work by @_ImperatorRex_ (H/T MoeTom)

1. Let me tell you a story about how America was almost destroyed by criminals.

2. It one that should shock anyone who reads it, but like any good thriller, it has a happy ending.

3. This story is fully researched and has no affiliation with any political party, religion or ideology – nor does it need it.

4. May 4th, 2016.

5. TV Billionaire Donald J Trump, against all the odds, wins the unofficial nomination as Republican candidate for the Presidential election.…

6. Even happier at the news than Trump himself was none other than the Democratic National Committee and their candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

7. Their so called ‘Pied Piper’ strategy had worked.…

8. Clinton announced her candidacy on April 12, 2015 & became the presumptive Democratic nominee on June 7, 2016.…

9. From the moment she announced, Clinton & her team set themselves 2 objectives.

10. 1 – destroy Bernie Sanders.…

11. 2 – weaken strong Republican rivals, strengthen weak ones.

12. The DNC, Clinton & their media proxies worked together to achieve both.

13. And it worked : the Sanders campaign was destroyed & the Republicans nominated Trump.

Now is the time to heal.
If you have fallen out with someone over the past few years
over political differences, or if you have pushed away someone
close to you because of their opinions, now is the time to
realize that it wasn’t their fault, and they were tricked.
Don’t school them anymore, just love so we can start to heal.

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  1. Actually, their strategy did not work. Their plan was to leave us with a choice between hitlery and Jeb Bush. Jeb Bush was acting completely ridiculous on purpose – so that no one would vote for him when he became the republican nominee. They didn’t count on not being able to knock DJT out of the race. They underestimated him and the intelligence of conservative voters BIGLY.

    It was still a nail biting close call.

  2. I reject the notion Trump was propped up by Hitlary. Trump had the middle class, silent majority, as soon as he announced he was running. There’s 8 minutes of history here that we all know. 2 minutes paralleling Q. Q says now is not the time to try and heal wounds. Q says evidence will be presented shortly that will be so damning nobody will be able to deny it authenticity. He/They say at that time start talking with your friends and family members. I know a lot of us question the legitimacy of Q. He’s no longer “Dropping Bread Crumbs”. He’s now making accusations that seems to be slightly ahead of the news cycle. I think it’s time we at least consider Q as a legitimate source of information. Certainly more dependable and accurate then the MSM.

  3. BB; “Q says evidence will be presented shortly that will be so damning nobody will be able to deny it authenticity.”
    There has been a ton of damning evidence that has been denied by the crooked dems, lying media and complicit republicans.
    I’m praying Q is for real, but it would have to be some earth shattering news to break up this conspiratorial inquisition of our President.

  4. I don’t care much for this video.

    Obama, Clinton et al. were misusing NSA and our intelligence assets for years, far earlier than 2016, to spy on political opponents and threats. Trump was only the culmination.

    The video is simplistic and neither gives due credit to Trump (who was not boosted by the DNC — Gladys is correct that their preferred candidate was Jeb Bush), nor seems to understand the shenanigans and rationales that came together from a number of anti-Trump quarters, from the US CoC globalist money to the little corruptocrat weasels in the OBama administration who needed to start covering up their misdeeds.

  5. Huber is supposed to be busily gathering damning information on those involved yet he has conducted zero interviews and I haven’t heard a peep about any grand jury. It would be difficult for that kind of thing to not get out in the news.
    I’m still hoping too, but I think Trump is holding info that he’ll be dropping when he sees fit.

  6. Almost destroyed? Sorry, the progressive ideology is alive and well in our educational system from K through 12 and throughout our universities. Churning out young people being taught that our nation is bad and must be fundamentally transformed. Being taught that mental illness is normal and that you can be any one of hundreds of genders you choose on any given day. I could go on but we’ve heard it all many times before.

    Trump makes us think we’re winning but friends, we’re not. We’re up against an extremely sophisticated plan long in the making to destroy the U.S. and we’re playing catch up while they’re umpteen steps ahead of us.

    When the pressure builds enough these people will throw the Clinton’s and whomever else they deem necessary under the bus in one form or another and they will convince us that it’s all over and that truth and justice have won out.

    We’d better not fall for it.

  7. I prayed like a mantis that Hillary would lose and Trump would win. I believe that God intervened on behalf of decent Americans.


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