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Russia continues to ban apps that allow private communication

Reclaim the Net:
Russia has blocked access to encrypted technology company Skiff provides encrypted email, calendar, and documents and is a challenger to privacy-invasive companies such as Google.

The app uses end-to-end encryption techniques to ensure that only you and the person you’re communicating with can read your messages.

The app does not store any metadata or content on its servers, which means that your conversations are not accessible to anyone other than you and the person you’re communicating with.

It’s for this reason that Skiff has grown in popularity in recent months since it first launched its private Google docs alternative back in 2021.

8 Comments on Russia continues to ban apps that allow private communication

  1. Yeah, Russia is the censorship hub we should care about and go to WWIII over. Meanwhile YouTube violated Project Veritas, they shadow ban everyone on all social media, fact check everything and censor anything that isn’t state or pharma sanctioned.

  2. We all Know everything we text, type electronically & say gets read in the west either directly or by proxy from Big Tech. Russia just doesn’t have the spy agencies & resources to do the same.

    FWIW: Joey Shitpants was at the Eagles game as Fox was reporting Hunters access to all the docs at the Residence. 1850 Boxes of Docs & 415GB of Data. Does that count?

  3. Same here in Freedom of Speech America, just filtered by 3 letter agencies for redacted political reasons.

  4. We just use Google, Facebook and big tech to censor what isn’t approved but let you use the app to further spy. The Russians are missing a golden opportunity.

  5. Not my circus and those aren’t my monkeys. What do I care? What I care about is the American government collusion with Big Pharma and Big Tech to prevent Americans from having the opportunity to freely communicate.

    Too bad the Republican establishment doesn’t feel the same way.


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