Russia Securing Mariupol as Ukrainian Soldiers Surrender Steel Mill – IOTW Report

Russia Securing Mariupol as Ukrainian Soldiers Surrender Steel Mill


Russia said Wednesday that nearly 1,000 Ukrainian troops making their last stand in Mariupol have surrendered, edging ever closer to the end of the battle that turned the city into a symbol of resistance and suffering.

The fighters trooping out of the ruins of the sprawling Azovstal steel mill, carrying their wounded with them and leaving a dwindling number still inside the plant, face an uncertain fate. Ukraine says it hopes for a prisoner swap but Russia has said at least some could be investigated for war crimes. More

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  1. If you want proof that the narrative of this war may be 100% horseshit, the reality is that Mariupol is in the Donetsk Republic, which is 75% Russian. So what percentage of the people of Mariupol are Russian

    And its true that Marepol is a completely destroyed, but whose fault is it? Did Russian soldiers do this to a mostly Russian city or was it Ukros? And was this done in a period of a month, or did most of it occur over the previous eight years?

    And if thats not convincing enough, let me remind you that pathological truth seekers Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff paid an official visit to the Kiev “impact zone” That should do it

  2. Lots of rumors as to what is underground of this complex. What are the chances we find out the truth of what’s there?

  3. How long until Biden sends US soldiers? I’m guessing soon, well before November elections.

  4. “…trooping out of the ruins”…Yes, that’s what they’re doing…”trooping”.

    And the journos are gamely soldiering on, searching for just the right word in their battered combat thesaurus.

  5. @Callmenelennie, what percent of the Sudatenland was ethnically German when Hitler took it?

    What percent of southern California, Texas, Arizona, etc. is Mexican? Does that give Mexico the right to take it (back)?

  6. @Geeknerd May 18, 2022 at 2:26 pm

    At the risk of misinterpreting Lennie’s comment, I think you are comparing apples to oranges.

    Lennie wasn’t saying that Russia had the right to invade/take back the Donetsk region (i.e., Mariupol) because of the historical Russian control, but rather that the majority Russian population may have been aiding Putin in his efforts.

  7. Wait!!! I thought Russia was getting their ass kicked? Somebody be lyin’.

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