Russia Shuts Down Nord Stream 1 Gas Pipeline, Gasprom Sends out Eerie Video ‘Winter is Coming’ – IOTW Report

Russia Shuts Down Nord Stream 1 Gas Pipeline, Gasprom Sends out Eerie Video ‘Winter is Coming’


Well, it looks like it’s official now. After several days of sporadic reporting on Russia’s decision to shut down the Nord Stream 1 natural gas pipeline into western Europe, it looks like the valves have been shut down until EU sanctions against Russia are removed.

Strategically the Nord Stream 1 pipeline is the major gas supply route into Germany, Europe’s largest economy. As noted by Reuters, “European gas prices, as measured by the benchmark Dutch TTF October gas contract, rose by as much as 30% on Sept. 5, amid growing fears of a total shutdown of Russian pipeline imports ahead of the European winter.”

Europe was already going into a deep economic recession due to inflation created by pre-existing green energy policy.  The Nord Stream shutdown will make things exponentially worse as energy prices skyrocket.  The Russian owned energy company Gasprom sent out a video that can be best described as psychological warfaremore

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  1. Trump tried to warn them. Also, I believe we and the EU decided they didn’t want a pipeline out of Israel to get their gas and oil. Guess what. Sucks to be EU.

  2. I have no doubt that, years ago, China and/or Russia were behind the Green movement. The green movement is behind shutting down all reliable and cost effective sources of electricity production. The Green movement is behind wind and solar power, both horribly inefficient and unreliable. The United States, Canada, and Europe are now destroying themselves from within, orchestrated by the Green movement.

  3. This has to be intentional on the part of the EU. How can they really be that stupid?

    They have spent the past twenty years encroaching on Russia while at the same time allowing Russia to dictate EU energy policy through ruinous shutdowns of coal, nuclear and fracking which then required the EU to become totally dependent on Russian gas and oil (and Ukrainian nuclear) for their energy.

    At the point of total energy dependence, they began goading Putin into an all out war with Ukraine. How did they think that would go? Putin holds all the cards, or at least most of them

    Sanctions have only hurt the sanctioners — badly, and poured vast amounts of cash into Russia. Huge chunks of money and material sent to Ukraine, known to be corrupt to the core, have been disappearing.

    Military stockpiles have been seriously depleted and are unlikely to be replenished in a recession with shrinking money reserves and no energy.

    Winter is approaching and the EU is telling its citizens they will have no heat, no jobs, no food, higher prices and taxes and more immigrants. Of course, Russia will turn off the spigot.

    Is it Putin playing a masterful long game, or Klaus Schwab? Are they playing each other into oblivion? Putin seems to have the clear advantage.

    Militarily, Ukraine is gambling everything on their Kherson counter-offensive. If they fail, a Russian winter offensive across southern Ukraine could see Russian tanks in Odessa and Bucharest in days and Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava and Prague within weeks. Serbia and Turkey could partition the Balkans and Greece between them. Putin could see the creation of a a new Russian Block before the end of the year.

    I guess it is Europe being Europe. They did the same with the Ottomans for centuries. The Ottomans would have been wiped out quickly but for the scheming and greed of European leaders.

  4. Maybe this is a scheme to send all those ‘refugees’ fleeing back south to the Middle East, where at least it’s warm 🙂

  5. Anonymous,

    Don’t bait the bear, or complain about it being a bear, when you are sucking at its tit.

    I made no claims as to right or wrong. The EU are fools. Obama’s third term are fools. Putin is likely insane and could have easily attained his goals with benevolence rather than bullying … because the EU and Obama’s third term are bullying fools.

  6. @ACParker

    I think you made a good analysis, except for this: a Russian winter offensive across southern Ukraine could see Russian tanks in Odessa and Bucharest in days and Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava and Prague within weeks.

    I think Russia has limited objectives. I can’t see Russian tanks in Budapest or anywhere else outside of Ukraine.

  7. Tim Buktu,

    Putin is looking to consolidate control over energy assets, which involves Romania and the Black Sea coast. He also wants to rebuild the Soviet Bloc. I see it as a now or never thing. He may never have the EU in such a compromising position again, and the Republicans may take back control of Congress (as though that will make a difference, but he probably doesn’t know that).

    I am pretty sure he was not considering more than the Donbas this year, and I’m also pretty sure Ukraine was ready to give it up for another few years of uneasy peace. The EU and Obama’s third term forced this enlarged conflict.

    Putin was forced to invest a lot more than he was prepared for. He and his lunatic nationalist supporters will insist on value for their investment. That means, for a start, at least half of Ukraine, all of Transnistria and all of Moldova going to Russia, with Central Europe, at least to the Tatras, into a Russian oriented and dominated bloc. Serbia will play the role of Belarus in this next stage.

    Keep in mind, if it is a cold winter, people will be suffering, possibly dying of cold and hunger. They will be hating the EU bureaucrats and may start seeing Russia as a liberator.

    The Baltic states, Finland and Scandinavia, as well as Poland are also on the agenda. I don’t know that he could work both fronts at the same time. He may just take the Baltic states, and bully Finland and Scandinavia back into neutrality, to consolidate his defenses — for now.

    How far Putin gets into Central Europe this winter depends (assuming Ukraine’s counter-offensive fails miserably) on how quickly the former Soviet Bloc falls into line. That will depend on if he can wear a velvet glove over his iron fist, something he has been incapable of thus far.

    I think he is crazy enough to try it. Whether history looks at him as crazy smart or crazy stupid depends on if he succeeds, and that depends on how stupid the EU and Obama’s third term are.

    Pray for a warm rainy winter in Europe … or an accidental fall from a Kremlin window.

  8. Rivers and lakes dry up all the time, anonymush, you fucking retard. And new rivers and lakes pop up all the time.

    At the south end of my property is a petrified forest in the bed of a creek. Millions upon millions of years old. But a fucktard like you can’t see the forest because the water is in the way.

  9. @ACParker

    You have a very good grasp of history and geography. I enjoyed reading your analysis.

    If the average teenage twit was asked about Europe, he or she would reply “Yurp…what’s Yurp?”

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