Russia Using Syria To Test and Showcase Its Arms

It’s a tradition that goes back at least as far as 1937 in the Spanish Civil War, where Nazi Germany created the Condor Legion that showed off their advanced design fighters and bombers. The Russians have been doing the same in Syria, claiming to have field tested 200 new weapons systems. More

The deployment drawing the most attention has been the sighting of up to four SU-57 stealth fighters that are supposed to be Russia’s answer to the F-22 Raptor. More





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  1. I machined a couple parabolic dishes that were offset from on another. Pretty trick job. We called it the tandem John Deere tractor seat. Some guy from Sandia National labs and some military guys picked it up and left right from the shop headed to Afghanistan. It ended up being some sort of detection device for a phalanx gun they mounted on a big ass truck. They were using it to guard a perimeter of a base that was constantly under attack. I never did hear if it worked or not.

  2. The Russians (Soviets) were in Spain, as well, trying out their weapons and doctrine assisting the “Republicans.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. The Su-57 isn’t a true “Stealth” aircraft.
    If Putin thinks he’s going to mix it up with the F-22s already in theatre he’s going to be in for a very bad time.
    This is for domestic Russian consumption.

  4. Russian Aircraft don’t travel well…And by that I mean as a

    Squadron..They suffer from logistics….Planes made it? OK


  5. Looks a lot like that new Stealth Chinese fighter that was built from the F35 plans they kiped from us. I guess they passed them on to the Ruskies after they were done with them. F18E Super Hornet is still the Bad Ass in the sky.

  6. Lord knows we’ve tested many combat weapon platforms in the middle east.
    I was glued to the TV during all the shock and Awe strikes by Gunships and different aircraft in Iraq and Afghanistan

    The old adage, with advanced weapons comes true, You can run but you’ll die tired.

  7. So they are using them to kill muslim fighters (aka terrorists)?

    Hmm…not feeling much for them except positive vibes.

  8. BB= Wow,I am impressed.
    You built a microwave reflector.
    Probably for target Acc. or jamming.
    The ‘dish’ concentrates the signal
    to the antenna element [usually in the center]
    creating ALOT of gain.


    I’m a simple bad ass American CNC Digital Machinist. There’s a bunch of us that will smite the evil Chicoms. They bring it to me, I’ll build It. Quite honestly I thought they’d be running off to some special PVD coating or something.


    Someday we will need to discus Raytheon’s expedited attempt at the Small Diameter Bomb. You can read in their cooperate news letters how they got started 3 months later than Boeing but were able to beat Boeing with a Proto thanks to a paperless manufacturing shop. Yea, that was us. Fuckers never mentioned us by name once in that shit.


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