Given that today is supposed to hold major developments regarding the corruption of the Clinton Foundation, perhaps it’s a good time to review how powerful individuals used the mechanism of the all-powerful state to destroy a presidential candidate with Crossfire Hurricane.

This piece that appeared in “American Thinker” this morning looks at all the moving parts that has so far failed to manufacture an impeachable offense against the sitting president. Lack of results doesn’t mean they’ve given up. Read Here

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  1. Reserving a sliver of a shred of a glimmer of hope… (it’s already after 5 p.m. EST)…

    I suspect that the big wow is Hannity or Sara Carter interviewing a “whistleblower”.


  2. I’ve been waiting all day for some big bombshell to land on the Clintons, but have seen nothing. I’m going make a point to watch Hannity tonight just to make sure I didn’t miss something. If he doesn’t at least something new I’m going to boycott him for the rest of the year.

  3. Crossfire Hurricane may be a phrase from a song, but it’d also be an extremely nasty way to treat enemies.
    I think it’s a very revealing choice of words.


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