Russian aircraft barrel rolls U.S. Air Force plane, second time in a month

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WASHINGTON, April 30 (UPI) — A Russian fighter jet performed what the United States considers an unsafe arial maneuver over a U.S. Air Force reconnaissance plane while flying over the Baltic Sea, the second such maneuver in a month.

CNN reported a Russian SU-27 flew within 25 feet of the U.S. Air Force RC-135 and performed a barrel roll, by flying over the U.S. plane from one side to the other in an inverted position.  more

8 Comments on Russian aircraft barrel rolls U.S. Air Force plane, second time in a month

  1. Probably nothing more than a pissing contest amongst the flyboys. I’m sure our guys strafe their shit, especially nearer to our coastline.

  2. Just another way of telling the world they have no respect for our mangina of a CiC. Even a first term Republican woman governor would do a better job. At least she’d have an F-22 flying Combat Air Patrol (CAP) above our vulnerable assets. That would be the last stunt from Anatoly and Vlad. Well, except for sending their brown shorts to the White House.

  3. Wouldn’t it be funny if the Russians did that to Air Force One they crashed into each other?

  4. When I was on a destroyer in the med this kind of crap went on all the time. However, we always buzzed em back. Not so much with little barry at the helm. He really is a pussy.

  5. If Lazlo ran that barge I would have the machine shop make me a pile of wrist rockets with elastic requisitioned from the medical bay.
    Then I would drag the Galley staff, right down to the lowest potato peeler out on deck the next time that Ivan Pilot starts his antics, issue them wrist rockets and issue them fifty 1/2 inch ball bearings each and offer them all a month’s paid shore leave in Hawaii if they shoot that bastard down.
    Imagine the Russian Captain calling the fleet command to report that a bunch of cooks in aprons shot down his hundred million ruble aircraft with slingshots.

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