Russian Monger Stories Being Supplied By Obama’s Insiders – IOTW Report

Russian Monger Stories Being Supplied By Obama’s Insiders

Russian Monger Stories Being Supplied By Obama’s Insiders—> The New York Times reports that before leaving office President Obama made sure to push as much intelligence as possible about Russia into the executive branch, leaving it for his minions to later leak the details once the new president assumed office.





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  1. He’s up to all sorts of things .. DM had an article about Valerie Jarett moving in w him to take down Trump

  2. But he left the letter “T” on all the WH keyboards, so it’s a wash.

    I hope he’s up to two packs a day now. And getting recorded on his secret gay meetups.

  3. “Politics ain’t beanbag.”
    (Dead White Dude)

    When you are striving to enslave the entire World, should you pull your punches?

    Obola KNOWS what the fight is about – Globaloney-ism, State-ism, Inter-National Socialism – LITERALLY – enslaving the whole of humanity!

    The Republicans (generally speaking) think it’s about hanging onto their sinecures – ideology be damned (watch – President Trump will have more trouble out of the RINOs than out of the screaming Bandar-Log socialists).

    When you don’t know the game, it’s difficult to win.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. he’s working harder now than he did while president

    what a pain-in-the-ass, lowlife sob

    let’s kill obama’s third term, can we please

  5. Lucky for Barky that when he works in the dark doing his dirt he doesn’t have to wear bootblack camouflage!

  6. Obama sabotaging America is not new news.
    When someone makes him pay a painful price for it will be. If anyone ever does.

  7. “Obama is a fine word . . . it saves us all the trouble of thinking.” – Charles Ellis “Chuck” Schumer

  8. Meanwhile, back at the complicit Media ranch (pieces of shit that they are), they don’t dare remind the American People of Hillary’s stupid Russian “Reset” Button, The Øbamboozler’s so-called “Flexibility” and Claire McCaskill’s meetings (yes, plural) with Russian ambassadors!!

  9. Not to mention “Fuck You MSM” for sitting on yer hands just like the rotten defecaRats did when President Trump mentioned anything to help the average, hard-working, over-taxed payer!!

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