Russian Scientists Pretty Certain Mini-Ice Age Is Coming


As sure as Al Gore enjoys a good massage, Russian scientists who study magnetic field generation by the earth and the sun believe that the sun is going to enter a cooling phase sometime between 2030 and 2040.  The last time this happened, called the Maunder Minimum, the cooling lasted 70 years and there were food shortages around the globe.


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  1. Another Russian wikileak scandal,their trying to mess with our election-so says New York Times. My G-D! Now your SUV and extravagant Western lifestyle is causing the SUN to COOL!!!!
    When will you evil conservatives ever learn???- typical liberal loon. the difference between left and right? The right believes what they see,the left sees what it believes!

  2. I was camping at Farragut state park in N. Idaho over the July 4th weekend in 1971, it was right at freezing about 30-32 degrees or so, we froze our butts off. And I’ve seen snow before Labor Day in the mid 1990’s when we were out woodcutting and huckleberry picking in NE Wash. State. Anything can happen weather wise, so this is not all that unusual.

  3. Now BO doubters will be called traitors, in addition to ignorant.

    BO? Gore? Their owned climate scientists?
    VP, and his owned physicists?

    I’ll go with Vlad’s team, because the consequences of another “minimum” are far worse than having too much CO2. It would’ve good to prep.

  4. Good thing that, when I moved back from the Alps, I kept my cross-country skis…to use on the Gulf of Mexico!!!

  5. Learned all about this in a Weather and Climate course I took in college. Notice the name — “Weather” and “Climate”. This was an amazing class that taught us the difference between the two.

    Our climate is constantly changing based upon sunspots. The more sunspots, the hotter the sun. Yes, we are in a Maunder Minimum. Less sunspots, cooler sun.

    The “global cooling” scare in the 70s was nothing more than a Dem precursor to “global warming”.

    Which side is ignorant on science? 🙂

  6. Our farmers are harvesting record amounts of corn, soy, etc., this year, so much so, they’re running out of storage.

    Damn that CO2.

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