Russian Soyuz Capsule Experiences “ballistic descent mode”

Early this morning a Russian and American were on their way to the international space station when the Soyuz rocket they were on suffered a booster failure. They managed to return to earth in “ballistic decent mode” with the two passengers landing safely back in Kazakhstan.  More

13 Comments on Russian Soyuz Capsule Experiences “ballistic descent mode”

  1. Don’t bother asking why the United States gave up its own manned space missile capabilities. We were too busy reaching out to Sixth Century Shitholers during the eight years of our own Dark Age to keep up with the Russkies.

  2. Good thing treasonous gay Kenyan commie decided that main mission of NASA was to reach out to the Musloid world instead of us launching our own space missions.

  3. @Uncle Al ~ Russia doesn’t have ‘gravity’ … it just sucks (n’yuck yuck yuck …. old joke)

    @refuse ~ ask Steven Seagal

  4. I’m just terribly pleased the safety systems on that flying bomb (any chemical rocket powerful enough to get into orbit) worked as designed and saved the people on board.

    Making things for that regime of flight that function when things have gone to hell is not a trivial exercise. It’s engineering at its finest.


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