Russian Town Under Siege by Dozens of Supposedly Endangered Polar Bears

WJ| The polar bear, swimming from ice floe to ice floe in search of food, has become the symbol of climate change. They’re all going to die and it’s all your fault! Now, sit down for a spell and listen to Greta tell you how you’re not supposed to take a plane.

It may surprise you that the polar bear isn’t threatened with extinction. It’s vulnerable, but not threatened. That doesn’t mean the people of Ryrkaypiy in Russia might not bear a secret wish that it was. That’s because the Arctic Circle hamlet is being threatened by 56 of them.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, life in the remote town has pretty much stopped because of the bears.

“All public events have been cancelled and children were given extra protection as they travel to and from kindergarten and school,” the Daily Mail reported Friday.

“Special bear patrols are trying to stop the ‘hungry’ bears entering residential areas. more here

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  1. Ever notice that most examples of climate change exclaimed by virtue signalling progs are in remote areas that a prog has never been to and will never go to? Fires in the rainforest, polar bears in the arctic, famine in Africa, floods in Haiti. The closest any prog gets to “alarming” climate change is a superstorm or a hurricane or polar vortex, yet every single one of these local effects is debunked with historical data indicating a normal condition or a decline in frequency.

    Climate: the weather conditions prevailing in an area in general or over a long period.

    No general conditions have changed.

    Is 100 years a long period in the 4+ billion years of Earth? 10,000 years? 100,000? What defines a long period for climate? An “abnormal” once in a lifetime weather event, 100-year flood type deal, does not alter the general long period climate, not even a little bit, rather it sustains (supports, not alters) what happens over the course of a long period.

  2. @Joe: “If you feed yourself to a Polar Bear, do you get 74 virgins in liberal heaven? My guess is YES.”

    Problem is you’re a Eunuch…

  3. @cfm990 December 8, 2019 at 1:25 pm

    > I’m not sure I want to know what a liberal virgin looks like.

    Oh, the huge manatee!

  4. Gee, a nice tall wall encircling the town, with guard towers and the dump outside the wall, would solve a lot of problems. Stop attacks by wolves, too!

  5. Can we get a greenie expedition to go up there
    and study the problem “first hand”; then first arm,
    first foot, first head….you get the idea 《:)

  6. Accurate counts of polar bears are hard to come by, but I have seen estimates from organizations like WWF of 6 – 10 thousand in the 60s which have *plummeted* to 25 – 33 thousand nowadays. At this rate…

  7. Just another group of unfortunate, yet ungrateful, migrants looking for a better life. That are willing, prone really, to eat the hands that feed them, first. Then the rest of the body. A triumph of the polar bear spirit according to Mia Farrow. Better – BTW, build the wall.

  8. This would never happen in Alaska or Alberta.

    Bear Stew!
    Polar Rugs!
    Claw Necklaces!

    The world is full of so many useless people now days.

  9. “Accurate counts of polar bears are hard to come by,”

    They’re also breeding with Brown Bears now. Which is a scary proposition on it’s own.

  10. A liberal virgin looks like a young Joan Baez or worse a young Janice Joplin, yikes run away. Or a young very fat Mama Cass. And don’t even get me started on the skanks like Rosie, Whoopie and Madonna. And has anyone ever seen a Muslim polar bear? Do they have to face Mecca when they eat a poor unsuspecting Russian caught out in the open tundra?

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