Russian TV Airs Video Of U.S. ‘Spy’ Altercation Outside Embassy – IOTW Report

Russian TV Airs Video Of U.S. ‘Spy’ Altercation Outside Embassy

RFE […] Washington accused the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) of attacking a U.S. diplomat meters from its embassy in central Moscow and breaking his shoulder.

It also accused Russian agents of harassing its diplomats: intruding into their homes, subjecting them to frequent traffic police checks, and conspicuously surveilling them and their families.


5 Comments on Russian TV Airs Video Of U.S. ‘Spy’ Altercation Outside Embassy

  1. So how come they can do this whenever they want to, but if US agents did this to Russians in America, the Russkies would be screaming “diplomatic immunity” and get set free with an apology.

  2. No, no, this cannot be happening, because Killery presented Russia with a reset button. AND she has flown around the world a lot in her taxpayer funded jet.

  3. Mansfield Lovell, Famous Fuckup Confederate General

    Countries have been emplacing their intelligence officers in other countries under diplomatic community in the guise of “Cultural Attache” and other bullshit covers for forever. That’s how it’s done and everybody knows it and everybody winks at it.

    The fascist Russian fuckwits are the pot calling the kettle black when they call our guy a spy.

    This kind of shit wasn’t tolerated back in Reagan & Bill Casey’s time. They would have made sure a quiet tit-for-tat asskicking beatdown had been meted out to the Russian’s cultural attache as reciprocal payback.

  4. I can just see Kerry’s conversation with the Russian FM. First he apologizes for interrupting his day, then he apologizes for that silly “Reset” mistake (who knew that no one in the State Dept speaks colloquial Russian), then he apologizes for allowing our personnel out at night and then he, respectfully, begs the FM to recall two of their people from Washington to make it look like he (Kerry) was forceful (like throwing somebody else’s medals over the WH fence) and, finally, he apologizes for calling at all. Meanwhile, Obama is in the background telling him hurry his groveling because he has a tee time to make.

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