Russians Claim No ‘Sustained’ Threat from Gas Explosion At Research Lab Containing Smallpox, Ebola

It’s not like something like this has ever happened befoooohhh, that’s right.


A gas cylinder exploded in a Siberian Russian Research lab used to store deadly viruses like smallpox, ebola, and HIV.

The Russians claim there is no “sustained” threat from the explosion, which occurred on the 5th floor of the State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology, known as Vector.

One worker was injured in the blast, which was powerful enough to blow out windows on the floor. read more

11 Comments on Russians Claim No ‘Sustained’ Threat from Gas Explosion At Research Lab Containing Smallpox, Ebola

  1. Thanks to the obama appointees in the gov’t and especailly in the intel agencies, we can now trust russian gov’t statements more than our own gov’t statements.

    thanks, obama

  2. On the bright side- its Russia. They can lock down a city with ease- right?

    Now, if the perimeter guard grabbed his wife and 3 year old daughter and made a break for it only to crash land 1,300 miles away then all I have to say is ‘I’ve read that book and it does not end well’.

  3. Gee, I bet the NYT and WaPo would be VERY happy to help Putin get the story right!! And the networks could do the video of happy children frolicking at the site…

  4. Mansfield- The Stand by Steven King. This was back in the day before I realized what a lunatic he is. Mind you, over October I’ll still play the audio book of Salem’s Lot. But that’s because I’m a sucker for vampire stories or movies. But they have to be good- I hate 95% of vampire movies. I’m old school- Night Stalker is the gold standard (I was 4 when I saw it the first time but it still kicks in all the right places).

  5. Tomorrow’s NYT Headlines Today:

    Russian “We’re All Going to Die From Smallpox Sex” Much Better Than Boring American Sex.

  6. The soviets keep the smallpox, ebola and other deadly specimens in old peanut butter jars with tightly screwed lids so there’s nothing to worry about.


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