Russia’s Pal and Puppet Has Got Russia Feeling Uneasy


U.S.-Russia Ties at Most Dangerous Point in Years, Says a Top Moscow Diplomat.

MOSCOW—Relations between the U.S. and Russia are at their most dangerous point in years, said a top Russian diplomat, with the two rivals locked in a stalemate over how to revive an important Cold War-era arms treaty and President Vladimir Putin blaming Washington for failing to undertake talks on new weapons pacts.


I fear that the left’s stupid assertion that Trump and Putin are pals is going to prove to be stupid, because all leftist assertions are asinine.

The only problem is we don’t want to be right with this one.  I’d feel better if Putin and Trump WERE pals.

3 Comments on Russia’s Pal and Puppet Has Got Russia Feeling Uneasy

  1. If Trump is pounding the Russians, its probably in response to Democrap claims that he colluded with them.

    This is politics as usual. In the long term, I see Russia as an ally.

  2. “Shit’s dangerous”, says Fucknuts who keep flying their planes or sailing their ships dangerously close to ours in international territory.

    Can we not do the same? Or is that “unprofessional”?


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