Russkie Shoots Down His Own Wingman

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A new report, citing a leaked Russian government document, says that a crash of MiG-31 Foxhound in Siberia almost two years ago was actually the result of a friendly fire incident during a botched training exercise. In addition, the summary of the mishap suggests that there could be dangerous problems with the aircraft’s Zaslon-AM radar and Baget-55 fire control system that might increase the risk of more accidental shootdowns occurring in the future. More

10 Comments on Russkie Shoots Down His Own Wingman

  1. so, the Ruskies still not ‘fessing up to Clint Eastwood stealing one of their planes, huh?

  2. So the Russians accidentally did to one of their own what the democrat party is intentionally trying to do all of us?

  3. I took my Russian wife and her visiting sister to the Johnson Space Center near Houston yesterday to see the Saturn V rocket on display there. I had to endure listening to how America never went to the Moon and how it was a big nothing burger that we went there, all at the same time.


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