Rutgers investigates professor who ‘officially hates white people’ or ‘little Caucasian a**holes’


A New Jersey university is investigating a professor who condemned “little Caucasian a**holes,” according to a Tuesday announcement.

Rutgers University is looking into remarks made by history professor James Livingston, who said he “now hate[s] white people” in a since-deleted Facebook post Thursday, according to The school condemned “racial intolerance.”

“OK, officially, I now hate white people,” Livingston said. “I am a white people [sic], for God’s sake, but can we keep them — us — us out of my neighborhood? I just went to Harlem Shake on 124 and Lenox for a Classic burger to go, that would [be] my dinner, and the place is overrun with little Caucasian a**holes who know their parents will approve of anything they do.”

He referred to the children at the restaurant as “s**thead” and “moron,” saying that they could do what they want and that no one would infringe on their “right to be white.”

“I hereby resign from my race,” announced the professor.  MORE

17 Comments on Rutgers investigates professor who ‘officially hates white people’ or ‘little Caucasian a**holes’

  1. Gee, hate to see him go. Just hope he doesn’t have little White a–holes himself. Best to keep his genes out of the pool.

  2. Another fine example of what’s to be found in today’s indoctrination, no wait I meant to say university system…

  3. There are only investigations, but never (or only very very rarely) prosecutions, convictions, sentencing, jail time, hanging or lethal injections. Or even a simple deserved firing. sosdd

  4. Those little white assholes were generated by the socialist/Marxist public education system of which Livingston is very much part of.

    If he truly wishes to resign from his race, I recommend sucking one of those big bad black AR 15s, your whiteness will disappear immediately.

  5. I never have considered myself to be a big white a**hole, others may have. Who’s the real a**hole here, my money is on the professor calling names of people who he knows nothing about.

  6. You can’t resign from your race. You’re fired.
    You’re disowned. Disavowed. Abandoned. Banished.

    You are not worthy to share a race with me. Probably not gender either.

  7. Rutgers should fire him. Really – it would be doing him a favor, evidently, given that he has a yootoob video called Fuck Work. He’s also published several books, one of which tries to convince the reader that full employment is a bad thing. I am not going to read it. And as for the video, all I needed was the title. You couldn’t pay me enough to watch.

    Well, to be honest you could pay me enough, but you wouldn’t.

  8. Hello Ahole, have you never been in a store with little Mexicans running wild ? While Mom’s have social hour in the shopping lanes, the Kid’s are running completely free and wild. Mom does’nt give a shit, she’s talking.

  9. I’ve got a MAP torch around here somewhere, I can help him become a Redskin in a just a couple of minutes.

  10. He complains about all the white people in a Harlem restaurant without any notice of the irony that he himself was one of them? Other white people can’t have the same opinion of the food that brought him all the way there unless they are a$$holes???


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