Ruth Bader Ginsburg Continuing Workouts at SCOTUS Gym Despite Stay-at-Home orders

Breitbart: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 87, is continuing to work out at the Supreme Court’s private gym despite the coronavirus pandemic and D.C.’s stringent stay-at-home orders, her trainer revealed this week.

Her trainer, Bryant Johnson, told Law360 that Ginsburg, who has battled with serious health issues over the years and maintains a status as a four-time cancer survivor, is continuing to participate in her twice-a-week workouts at the Supreme Court’s private facility, even though everything is virtually shut down due to the coronavirus. more

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  1. Turdeau is also self isolating, with servants, security, cooks, meals brought to him, etc.

    Today an old lady walked to the Bank and found it closed.
    Walked back.
    She asked me on the street If I knew of an open branch.

    ince I was not allowed to drive her I Searched on the undernet & told her where the next one was, hours & if opened.

    Stores do not want cash anymore so it was a waste of time keeping a few hundred bucks around like we have been taught by emergency preparedness advertising.

    Except of course “The BEER Store” in Ontario whose computer systems were fucked and were “ONLY TAKING CASH”

    Where is her government to help her? She lives alone at 80.
    Holding Turdeau’s Balls.

    Meanwhile, assholes on CNN are Praying For Freddo Cuomo FFS!

  2. Everytime I see a picture of her she looks like one foots in the grave and the other foots pushing towards the edge. Buy her a cat, some canned tuna and an old fashioned handheld can opener. Feeding the cat everyday will probably push her muscles to the limit.

  3. I support a senior citizen trying to keep healthy, especially considering her medical history. Judging (ha) by the size of the weights she’s holding ot could probably be done at home in a less hypocritical way.

  4. “work out at the Supreme Court’s private gym”

    we fought a war to be free from this “royalty crap”
    “private gym” when we have (according to all the democrat politicians) starving children in the USA?

    what brass balls our government has!

  5. This is a stunt by another of Satans crones to “in your face “ PDJT and us other deplorables. Does anyone really think this ancient sea hag is working out? Please. As we say here in MO, your gonna have to show me.

    She is in an easy chair propped up to an IV of baby blood and whatever deep state secret sauce the cabal can provide.

    No possible way she has a trainer walk through the Kung flu to hang out, although I fervently wish she was that stupid.

  6. The “Devil’s Own.” She accepted the deal, so she’ll be around for however long her master has a use for her…whether she wants to or not. Pray for her.

  7. Odin 2013,
    Sorry – I don’t pray to Satan.
    Fuck her. She made a deal to our detriment.
    She perverted the law to serve her master.
    Redemption is hers for the taking – but she rejects it because she rejects God.
    Oh, well …

    I hope God has mercy on her soul – then there’s hope for mine.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. “Meanwhile, assholes on CNN are Praying For Freddo Cuomo FFS!”

    I wonder who, or what, they pray to?

  9. The date on the story is April 1. I say that her head is photoshopped on a photo of Barack Obama doing HIS workout. Same weights, same sweatshirt, same physique.

  10. RBG gets in two kickass workouts a week … Just like JFK played touch football with the fam every weekend, even as his spine was dissolving from the corticosteroids he had to take to fight Addisons disease

    Well of course

  11. What could her workout regimen be like?

    Lifts head from chest, 10 reps.

    Waits 20 minutes to catch her breath.

    Lifts head from chest, 10 reps.

    Waits 20 minutes to catch her breath.

    Lifts head from chest, 10 reps.

    Finally, a juice box and a half-hour nap.

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